How much does it cost to develop a mall applet?

Original title: How much does it cost to develop a mall applet?

As the number of WeChat users increases day by day, many people want to build a WeChat mini program mall for customers to browse and place orders online. But how much does it cost to develop a city applet? Many newcomers are troubled by this problem.

In fact, the development price of mall mini-programs is not fixed, because it needs to be determined according to specific needs. Below Huomaojun will give you a detailed introduction to several factors that will affect the price of mall applet development:

How much does it cost to develop a mall applet?

1. Function

The function is a small program that affects the development price of the mall small program. There are many functions that a mall applet can implement, such as: basic functions: product display, shopping cart, order purchase, order inquiry, logistics tracking, etc.; marketing functions: group buying, flash sales, coupons, bargaining, red envelopes, etc. The more functions there are, the more difficult it is to develop, so the longer it takes, and therefore the higher the development price. On the contrary, the fewer functions, the lower the difficulty of development, the shorter the development time required, and therefore the less development costs. The specific cost can only be determined after determining which functions you need.

2. Page

A mall applet often does not have only one page, but has pages for product display, event promotions, order inquiries, logistics inquiries, etc. If the company needs more pages, the development time will be longer, so the price of development will be higher. On the contrary, if the enterprise needs fewer pages, the development time will be shorter, so the development price will be less. The specific cost can only be determined after determining how many pages you need.

3. Server

Images, files, databases, etc. in mall mini-programs are often stored on servers, so companies also need to rent a server. The specific price is based on the server configuration and bandwidth. Taking a 2-core 4G, 4M exclusive, and 100G hard drive server as an example, the rental cost is about 3,000-5,000 per year).

4. Domain name

The main purpose of a domain name is to allow more people to access the web page, so when an enterprise develops a small program in the city, it also needs to purchase a domain name. The price of a domain name ranges from approximately 55 to 130 yuan. Note that this is paid annually.

5. WeChat authentication

Normally, if you want to open a mall mini-program, you need to submit relevant qualifications to the WeChat platform for certification. Certification requires enterprises to pay a fee, which is 300 yuan. Note that this fee is paid directly to Tencent officials.

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