WeChat Mini Program Development Company: Why develop WeChat Mini Programs?

The necessity for enterprises to develop small programs!

WeChat mini program, a kind of mini program, the English name is Wechat Mini Program, is an application that can be used without downloading and installation. It implements the application “tentacles” “Achieveable” dream, users can open the application by scanning or searching.
Professional WeChat Mini Program Development Company infocode Lan Chang Information Technology will talk to you: Why should we develop WeChat Mini Programs?
WeChat Mini Program Development Company
WeChat Mini Program Development Company

Mini programs are the entrance to strong traffic and will be the main battlefield for future business competition.

WeChat is currently the largest mobile traffic portal, with 963 million daily active users, while Baidu’s daily active users have just exceeded 100 million. Where the traffic is, corporate customers will naturally go there. Now thousands of companies launch their own mini programs every day. Just like all companies after 2000 have a strong demand for website building, if you don’t do it, you can Your competitors will definitely do it, and you will be overtaken by your competitors. Mini program search was initially a precise search, but now it is a fuzzy search. It can be predicted with a high probability that in the future, it will achieve the same intent search and search ads as Taobao or Baidu (search ads are already available).

Since WeChat’s daily active users are 3-4 times that of (Baidu + Taobao’s daily active users), the search traffic based on WeChat’s huge user base must have a strong imagination. In WeChat search results, whether now or in the future, mini programs must be the most weighted applications because they can meet various application scenarios. No matter what aspect of business your company operates, mini programs are destined to become your main battlefield. Of course, if you operate mini programs earlier, it will definitely provide you with a strong competitive advantage.

Websites are a natural application for all enterprises in the PC Internet era, and mini programs are a natural application for every enterprise in the mobile Internet era

Websites are a necessity for all enterprises in the PC era, and apps are undoubtedly the most natural transformation for enterprises in the mobile Internet era. However, due to the high development costs, complex access paths, and expensive promotion costs of apps, most enterprises avoid using apps. However, the birth of small programs, with an experience close to the original ecological app, no need to download and pay attention, and permanent records after access, will push the application platform of enterprises in the mobile Internet era to thousands of households.

User data can be easily obtained

Since all users of the mini program come from WeChat, once a user accesses the mini program, there will be a clear user portrait, which is conducive to in-depth analysis of the user group. It is obvious that whether it is a website in the PC era or an app in the mobile Internet era, both The high cost of user registration makes it even more difficult to deeply analyze user data. However, WeChat mini programs provide one-step powerful data analysis to help you analyze users, discover users, and ultimately market customers.

WeChat search will surpass Baidu to become the platform with the largest search traffic

The daily activity of WeChat is 9 times that of Baidu, and the time users spend on WeChat is dozens or even hundreds of times that of Baidu. WeChat gave birth to the public financial platform Licai Tong, gave birth to Moments, gave birth to WeChat Pay, and gave birth to public accounts , The reason why WeChat vigorously promotes mini programs is that in addition to the huge value of mini programs in covering b-end users, based on mini programs, WeChat will have an important foundation to challenge Baidu’s first search entrance. The logic is as follows: The reason why Baidu is the distribution center of commercial traffic is because in the traditional PC Internet era, all companies will build websites, all information is based on websites, and the best way to access the website is search, so Baidu wins; and It seems that it is still difficult to do this on WeChat, but the launch of mini programs has given all enterprises an access path to build websites at low cost in the mobile Internet era and gain access to search traffic. Therefore, WeChat is not interested in mini programs, but in search. Mini programs are an important part of WeChat’s dominance.

WeChat mini program huge traffic entrance:

Nearby mini program list, nearby mini program list advertisement, official account related mini program list, official account custom menu, official account template message, official account article, official account article advertisement, discovery bar mini program entrance, mini program template message , go to the entrance page of the trial version, the desktop icon of the Android system, the mini program profile page, the trial version mini program binding invitation page, scan the QR code, scan the 1D code, scan the mini program code, and the search results page of the top search box , the search results page of the search box at the main entrance of the discovery bar mini program, the search result page, Yingyue Player menu, WeChat wallet, WeChat payment completion page, QR code payment page to open the mini program, and the indifferent chat painting Mini program message card, mini program message invoicing in group chat session, mini program entry at the top of chat, app sharing message card, mini program message card for ShareTicket (details), long press image recognition QR code, mobile phone album selection 2 QR code, long press the picture to identify the 1D code, select the 1D code from the mobile phone album, long press the picture to identify the applet code, my card package, card and coupon details page, list of applicable stores for the card and coupon, open the applet from Return to another applet and shake the TV. With so many traffic entrances, it is inevitable for mini programs to become the standard for enterprise mobile Internet!

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