How much does it cost to develop a small program? What are the specific costs for WeChat mini program development?

What are the specific costs involved in developing a small program?

With the development of the mobile Internet, the development of enterprise WeChat mini programs has become the trend of the times. In the process of developing mini programs, enterprises are most concerned about the cost of mini program development.

Lanchang Information Technology, a professional small program development supplier, is here to talk to you:

Mini program development costs: What are the specific costs for WeChat mini program development?

WeChat Mini Program Promotion and Drainage
WeChat Mini Program Promotion and Drainage

1. Development costs:

The actual R&D costs vary depending on the required functions, generally ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. For projects with more complex functions and more ports, the prices range from hundreds of thousands to millions, mainly depending on the development requirements and functions. If you need to know more detailed mini program development costs, you can click How much does it cost to develop WeChat mini programs in Chengdu.

2. Maintenance costs:

During the operation of the mini program, problems of one kind or another will inevitably occur, which requires the mini program development company to carry out later maintenance. The fees charged by each company are slightly different. It will generally be determined based on data capacity.

3. Third-party fees

1. Domain name fee: Mini programs need to apply for a domain name. If you have a registered domain name before developing the mini program, you do not need to register it. You can just use the second-level domain name. If not, you need to register a domain name for registration. Generally around 50/year.

2. Server cost: There are many servers on the market, and users can choose the server according to their own needs. As a practitioner of a professional small program development company in Chengdu, the editor has learned that most of them use Tencent Cloud or Alibaba Cloud, and the cost is generally 1500-2000/year. This is determined based on the mini program development content and online user capacity. Special projects (such as live broadcasts) have higher server requirements and are relatively more expensive.

3. Third-party payment interface: For merchants, third-party payment interfaces will be used in mini program application development. Currently commonly used payment methods include WeChat payment, UnionPay payment, etc. Among them, the application for WeChat payment requires certification of the public account service account type, which requires an annual review fee of 300 yuan. For the UnionPay payment interface, you can find a bank or a third-party company to handle it for free. In the later stage, transaction withdrawals through the platform will involve a service fee of about 0.6%-1%, which varies slightly in different industries.

4. SMS fee: SMS fee is mainly used to receive verification codes and for merchants to send information to users, so that users can learn about some activities of the merchant in a timely manner. The cost of text messages here is generally about 5 cents.

For third-party fees, merchants can choose their own company to purchase, or they can find a small program development company like us to purchase on their behalf.

The above are some of the costs involved in mini program development. The cost of developing a WeChat applet is not low, but it is much cheaper than developing an APP. Moreover, mini programs rely on WeChat, a large social platform, and the huge user group lays the foundation for customer traffic for mini programs. These are channel advantages that APP cannot match. For merchants, the fees charged by some well-known and formal mini program development companies are also more transparent, and there will be no hidden fees. After-sales service is also guaranteed.

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