Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program Configuration

Original title: Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program Configuration

The content of this article is just like the title. Today I will introduce to you how to connect the applied WeChat applet to the applet mall for use.

Before developing a mini program, you need to register a WeChat mini program account using your email address on the WeChat public platform and perform identity verification.

If the WeChat mini program has been applied for, you can log in to the account in the WeChat public platform to get the value. The parameters that need to be configured include the mini program AppID and the mini program AppSecret. AppID is the “ID card number” of the WeChat applet. This applet ID is unique and is a necessary parameter for the development of the WeChat applet. Only after filling in the parameters to verify the “identity” of the WeChat applet can the functional interface provided by the WeChat platform be used.

The relationship between Mini Program AppID and Mini Program AppSecret is a lock and key. Mini Program AppSecret (key) is very important and needs to be kept carefully by developers and Mini Program administrators.

Original Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program ConfigurationMini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program Basic Configuration

Clicking the “Register Now” button will jump to the page for quick registration of the mini program.

Instructions for use: After the mini program created through this interface is successfully created, it will be in the “authenticated” state. After the creation is successful, it can be directly bound to the platform for the development and use of the mini program.

1. Fill in the following information and submit it to WeChat for review.

2. The legal person receives the message template on WeChat, and the legal person authenticates the legal person’s identity information and facial information within 24 hours.

3. After the identity authentication is passed, the mini program is successfully created.

Original Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program ConfigurationMini Program Mall-Quick Registration Mini Program

Mini program release

In the management background of mini program design, mini program release requires the WeChat mini program administrator to scan the QR code to log in and submit a release application.

Original Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program ConfigurationMini Program Mall-Mini Program Release

After the WeChat Mini Program administrator releases the WeChat Mini Program in the Mini Program Mall management backend, he or she needs to log in to the WeChat public platform and submit for release review in the “Version Management” section.

Original Mini Program Mall-WeChat Mini Program ConfigurationWeChat Mini Program Management Backend

This part also involves the concepts of single merchant and multiple merchants. The editor will write a detailed article later to introduce the difference to you.

This concludes the introduction to the Mini Program Publishing part of Mini Program Mall Design! I hope the content written by the editor can be helpful to you in understanding the functional modules in the mini program mall!

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