What are the development methods and differences of online live broadcast + mall system?

What are the development methods and differences of online live broadcast + mall system

As the popularity of the “live streaming + e-commerce” model has attracted widespread attention in the industry, many online live streaming platforms have begun to combine live streaming with commerce, quickly taking advantage of the wave of development to occupy a place. There are many live broadcast mall systems on the market, but many people are not clear about the differences in the development of specific mall systems.

The early live streaming + games and live streaming + entertainment have developed very maturely. In recent years, with the expansion of “live streaming + e-commerce”, from agricultural products to cars, houses, education, etc., live streaming has spawned many new products. model. Especially affected by this year’s epidemic, the number of users of head-to-head video live broadcast software has increased significantly. On the one hand, many users have reduced their time to go out, and online live broadcasts have provided everyone with a lot of entertainment. On the other hand, more offline industries have joined online live broadcasts to bring goods, making the online shopping scene richer and attracting more people. of people participate in live shopping.

What are the development methods and differences of online live broadcast + mall system?
Live streaming mall

Live streaming mall systems are generally divided into two types:

1. Live broadcast is the main thing, supplemented by the mall

For those who focus on “live broadcasting”, the core point is “live broadcasting”. Live broadcasting and rewards are the main profit items, and the mall is only one of its monetization methods. Live streaming is used to attract traffic to the mall. Even if the mall does not do well, there are other Profit method as compensation. Industry cases include live streaming platforms such as Xinhua and Xishou.

2. Mainly in the mall, supplemented by live broadcast

For those who focus on shopping malls, the core point is the “mall”. The main profit-making projects are “selling goods” or “renting mall backend management plug-ins.” Live broadcast is only one of the forms of product display. The traffic mainly relies on the mall itself to attract traffic. Live broadcast It is only used as a method of internal traffic distribution in the mall. For example, Moubao operates in this mode.

In fact, whether it is based on live broadcasting or shopping malls, traffic conversion must be achieved by combining live broadcasting and shopping malls. Different enterprises and merchants need to reasonably develop their own product systems based on the actual operational needs of their own industries.

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