WeChat Mini Program Development Company: What are the advantages of WeChat Mini Programs?

Original title: What are the advantages of WeChat mini programs?

WeChat Mini program development has now become a hot topic of discussion in the Internet circle. If enterprises and brands have not yet started to develop WeChat mini program business, they run the risk of falling behind.

Shanghai Mini Program Development Professional company – Lanchang Information Technology is here to talk to you todayWeChat Mini Program What are the advantages of WeChat Mini Program?

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WeChat Mini Program Development Company
WeChat Mini Program Development Company

Convenient and fast, no need to download

Mini programs do not require downloading and installation, and they do not consume data and space like apps. There is no need for small programs, just open them and use them, and close them when you are done using them.

It runs fast and does not occupy memory

Because the front-end code of the mini program is stored on the WeChat server and is placed on Tencent Cloud, there is no need to load it and it can be opened directly, which is also very fast. And it doesn’t take up the phone’s memory.

Safe, stable and confidential

In fact, mini programs are similar to the Apple Store. They need to be reviewed before they can be released. Secondly, the mini program communication uses https access and SSL encrypted communication, and the mini program style code is encapsulated in the WeChat mini program, so it is more secure and stable.

Rich functions and rich scenarios

Can use more mobile phone system functions than H5 for development, such as GPS positioning, recording, video shooting, gravity sensing, etc., and can develop richer usage scenarios.

Low development cost and easy maintenance

With the same function, it is estimated that making an APP will cost hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, while developing a small program usually costs a few thousand yuan. Maintenance is also relatively simple and convenient.

Nearby location, numerous entrances

There are many open entrances. In addition to common entrances such as scanning QR codes, sending friends, searching, and nearby, it can also be associated with public accounts, embed group articles, public account menu links, etc. .

For more information related to mini program development, please contact Lanchang customer service

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