APP software system: What APP development platforms are available for mobile application software?

What are the development platforms for mobile application software?

There are many software development platforms on the market, but there are only a few common ones. The current mainstream software app systems include Android, iOS, and HarmonyOS. These three major mobile APP systems correspond to Application software development tools will also be different.

APP software system: What APP development platforms are available for mobile application software?
APP development

Below, the editor will analyze it one by one. What are the mainstream software development platforms for Android, Hongmeng, and Apple systems?

1. Android Development Platform

At present, the two Android app development tools used by Android developers are: Android Studio and Eclipse.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio provides all necessary functions for developing Android app applications. It is also the official IDE of Android. It is specially built for Android software development. It provides a professional integrated development environment for developing and debugging software. It is also a relatively famous software development tool.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse is also an android development tool widely used by software development programmers. Eclipse supports cross-platform development and many plug-ins. Eclipse comes with a standard set of plug-ins, including Java Development Kit (JDK). Compared with other fixed IDE development tools, Eclipse has higher flexibility and autonomy.

2. Apple Development Platform

The ios development platform uses Xcode. Xcode is an IDE that runs on the operating system Mac OS x and is built by Apple. Xcode is also a faster way to develop OS X and iOS applications. It has a unified user interface design, and coding, testing, and debugging can be completed in a simple window.

3. Hongmeng Development Platform

The Hongmeng development tool deveco studio is a terminal development tool for the Hongmeng operating system independently developed by Huawei. It has been open to users around the world. Deveco studio is the exclusive development platform of the Hongmeng system and can perform program development, software debugging, maintenance and inspection, etc. Supports multiple software development languages ​​to facilitate development engineers for development and debugging. deveco studio has a very comfortable app development environment, with visual programming of wisdom teeth and the ability to view programming effects in real time, which greatly reduces the difficulty of development.

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