Shanghai APP development cost introduction

For various industriesThe various costs involved in the APP development process are relatively familiar. The common APPs mainly include these, such as shopping mall APP, education APP, social APP, collaborative APP, office APP, medical APP and so on.

Shanghai APP development cost introduction
APP development cost

The following is a list of common APP development costs:

    1. 1. Apple APP developers $99 (corporate developers $299)
      2. Application fee for soft copying (generally around 300, most Android application markets require a soft copying certificate)
      3. SMS fee (generally 4-5 points/message, APP needs to register through SMS verification code, SMS reminder, etc.)
      4. The cost of cloud server is 1000-10000 yuan/year (different application scenarios have different requirements for server configuration)
      5. Purchase a domain name at 50 yuan/year (common domain name mentioned here)
      6. SSL certificate fee (you can use Alibaba Cloud for free)
      7. APP development fee (including three terminals: Android terminal, IOS terminal and background management terminal)
      8. ID card OCR recognition (usually a few cents/time, some apps require users to submit ID cards)
      9. Real-name authentication API interface fee (usually a few cents/time, many apps need to do real-name authentication)
      10. Logistics interface fee (required for shopping malls)
      11. OSS storage fee (required for education, mall, and video)

    The specific APP development cost needs to be determined in conjunction with the software development and application requirements, and the above is for reference only.

  1. How much does it cost to develop an app?
  2. It depends on what type of app you want to develop, such as shopping mall apps, live broadcast apps, and social apps.
  3. For example, whether you want to develop a single-user or multi-user app for a mall, whether you want to make a template or customize it, etc., will all affect the price of app development. It is not very clear to explain this question in one sentence. It is best to communicate in detail with a professional software developer.
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