What functions should be included in developing a sports live broadcast APP?

What functions does sports live broadcast APP development have?

What functions should be included in developing a sports live broadcast APP?
Live broadcast APP

1. Sports information display: On the homepage of the Sports Live APP, users can browse a variety of popular sports information. Interested users can browse related content on their own, which facilitates users to have an in-depth understanding of industry information and platform functions.

2. Live broadcast of sports events: Generally, when major sports events are to be held, the platform will promote them in advance so that users can browse the live broadcast time of relevant sports events after entering the platform, which facilitates users to arrange their time according to the actual situation and brings certain convenience to people’s lives. .

3. User online comments: Users can also comment on the platform while watching live sports events, and other users will also make certain replies based on actual needs after browsing the comment content on the APP.

4. Sports event explanation: Some users may not be able to watch the live broadcast in time due to time issues. The APP will also provide sports event explanation operations to relevant users. Users can learn the content of sports events without watching the live broadcast, which is very convenient.

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