Mini program smart retail application: mini program easily solves the pain points of the retail industry

Mini program + retail industry, allowing merchants to easily realize new retail transformation and upgrading

Mini program smart retail is a new business model that promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional business to the Internet and realizes smart retail. Most retail merchants have gradually launched mini programs, using mini programs to solve problems of users, merchants and consumption scenarios, greatly increasing market dividends. Commercial organizations open up online channels and use marketing functions to divert offline traffic and online traffic to each other, thereby increasing user traffic. The program operation thinking is to analyze with you how programs help the traditional retail industry transform and upgrade to new retail.

Mini Program Smart Retail Application
Mini Program Smart Retail Application

1. Pain points in the retail industry

1. The business scope of retail stores is fixed, which limits the flow of users entering the store. Most of them wait for users to arrive in the store before the next step of interaction can be carried out. It is also difficult for users to know the brand promotion, and the coverage is not broad enough to reach new users. .

2. There is less user traffic to the store, so the stickiness is naturally low. Therefore, user retention is low, and merchants cannot capture users and convert them into private domain traffic.

3. Competition in the retail industry is fierce. Each brand uses marketing activities to expand its brand living space. However, offline marketing activities are costly and have a narrow reach.

Businesses are constantly trying to find solutions. The business model of mini programs brings new opportunities to merchants.

2. Mini program smart retail solution

1. How to solve the problem of limited store operation location? Mini Programs share 1 billion traffic with WeChat, which means that Mini Programs can provide merchants with 1 billion potential customers, and Mini Programs do not require installation or downloading, breaking the barriers of traditional application installation and easily acquiring users. In addition, once the mini program is opened, it will remain in the user’s WeChat account. The online store is like opening on the user’s mobile phone and can be accessed by the user anytime and anywhere. Just as the concept advertised by Geek Mini Program: Let business be done anywhere!

2. How to solve the problem of low store traffic? Mini programs have low customer acquisition costs and can use a variety of methods to attract customers. The mini program has the function of social fission, making it easier for merchants to spread information through users’ social friends, bringing better user fission effects and improving user stickiness and conversion rate.

3. How to solve the high cost of event promotion and narrow reach? Relying on its unique traffic advantages, mini programs can quickly expand the influence of activities and radiate to all users. Moreover, mini programs have powerful marketing tools, such as group buying, flash sales, coupons, etc., which can attract new users in a short period of time and achieve obvious results. The distribution and agency systems can help leading retailers broaden their sales channels and cover all aspects.

Mini programs can connect stores, members, and marketing to achieve a closed-loop service for comprehensive consumption scenarios. Online and offline application scenarios can accelerate the implementation of the retail industry, thus leading physical stores to realize the transformation of new retail. Through mini programs, merchants have more sophisticated data-based operations, easier management, and save more time and labor costs.

Mini programs bring new development ideas to traditional retail merchants, provide a new closed business loop, and help retail merchants realize the new retail transformation and upgrade of online and offline integration, thereby achieving the goals of cost reduction, doubling of users, and increasing sales, and provide users with for a convenient and intelligent lifestyle. In the future, mini programs will continue to optimize and upgrade their functions, bringing more new layouts to the retail industry.

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