Shared electric scooter APP development solution

The shared electric scooter APP uses a small unit with large functions to satisfy users’ travel needs. In addition to the common shared bicycles on the streets, pairs of scooters can be seen freely shuttled during peak hours. In big cities, many white-collar workers are more willing to use them. When you use an electric scooter to commute to work, you don’t have to endure crowded buses or traffic jams.

Shared electric scooter APP development solution
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Shared electric scooter app development solution

1. Intelligent connection function: Wirelessly match the electric scooter through mobile phone Bluetooth or wireless WiFi technology. After matching the model, the scooter can be controlled through the electric scooter APP after successful matching.

2. Scan the code to open: The user scans the QR code on the scooter, completes the payment online, and the shared scooter can be opened automatically. Users can perform normal use.

3. Anti-theft system: When a bad user wants to steal or damage the scooter equipment through improper means, the system will sound an alarm system. The currently shared scooters will be transmitted to the background and users will be warned not to steal, otherwise they will be held accountable to ensure the safety of the scooters.

4. Map navigation function: The map navigation function is for people to use the mobile APP navigation to provide route guidance after using the electric scooter to an unknown place.

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