What are the types of benefits of local life service APP development?

With the popularization of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, users’ consumption methods, consumption habits and consumption behaviors have changed. Traditional companies must change their marketing methods to seize mobile users. The local life service APP integrates offline physical business resources such as catering, beauty salons, leisure entertainment, fitness and medical care in local cities, and presents them to mobile Internet users in the form of “online stores”. Through the local life service platform, it provides users with convenient, fast and comprehensive business information, while promoting offline consumption through online traffic, and providing free promotion channels for offline physical merchants.

When the mobile Internet provides various basic services, it must first meet this demand for localized services, and the trend of localization will become more and more intense. The mobile Internet has also brought huge changes and challenges to our business model. Mobile Internet platforms, mobile application development and mobile Internet marketing have become standard configurations for corporate marketing.

What are the types of benefits of local life service APP development?
Life Service APP

1. What benefits can local life service APP development bring to merchants?

1. Increase merchant exposure: Mobile APP has higher exposure and higher portability, providing merchants with more and more convenient display space.

2. Increase merchant customer flow: For traditional merchants, online customers are guided to the store for consumption through the mobile APP portal.

3. Achieve precision marketing: Mobile APP can provide consumers with precise online services based on geographical location information and user analysis;

4. Optimize user experience: Mobile APP can help merchants provide consumers with convenient functions such as online reservations and payments to improve user experience;

5. Provide data support for merchants’ business decisions: help merchants understand business conditions in real time through online payment and settlement; at the same time, collect merchant operation and user data to help merchants establish analysis models to support merchant decision-making.

6. Reduce marketing costs: Compared with traditional advertising methods, mobile APP advertising does not require payment based on clicks and broadcasts. Its graphic and vivid advertising form is superior to traditional advertising in terms of cost and effect.

7. Develop new users: Enterprises can quickly and effectively collect customer feedback information through the APP, and can also realize instant message interaction and collect immediate feedback information from customers, which is more conducive to the development of new users.

2. What are the types of local life service APP development?

1. Social entertainment: Combining functions such as forums, post bars, communities, dating and chatting, news and information, member management, etc., to create an online interactive center for the city life APP. You can set up sections: city friends, pet life, travel and leisure, local news, popular activities, local forums, etc.

2. Life services: integrate local clothing, food, transportation, and entertainment, and provide comprehensive services for online dating and offline activities. Sections can be set up: food, drink, entertainment, job recruitment, home appliance repair, flea market, education and training, parent-child paradise, etc.

3. Commercial activities: Combined with sub-account management, points system, event marketing, map positioning, etc., the merchant’s customers can grow at a geometric rate. Sections can be set up: real estate information, vehicle sales, investment promotion, preferential information, education and training, wedding photography, distribution mall, etc.

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