What are the basic functions of tutoring APP development?

Education must start from an early age. In order to ensure that children do not lose their starting point, many parents also hire extra tutors for their children in addition to studying in school. Let children absorb more knowledge.

Tutoring APP development can integrate offline resources very well. You can check tutoring information online. Parents can also directly check the detailed information of tutors, special projects, teaching experience, etc., changing the traditional introduction of acquaintances to find tutors. This way, the quality of tutors varies, and it may take parents a long time to find suitable tutors. Then users can find suitable tutors based on the information given by our APP.

What are the basic functions of tutoring APP development?
Tutoring APP

Make an appointment for a tutor: You can make an appointment online, and parents and teachers can arrange the time reasonably.

Online payment: Our parents can choose tutoring, purchase time period, and payment first, and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Evaluation order: After our tutoring, parents can give a rating on our tutoring APP based on their level of satisfaction, which can be used as a reference for other users.

What are the functions of tutoring APP development?

Online appointment: Some parents want one-on-one tutoring. The tutoring APP supports online appointment service. After the appointment is successful, tutors can come to your home for tutoring at the specified time.

Positioning operation: The tutoring APP will search for nearby tutoring resources for parents based on the location of our parents, and select the best ones nearby, so that users can find nearby tutoring information without going out.

Search function: Classify according to the required subjects and search for suitable tutors. Our users can also search according to specific needs, which greatly facilitates parents to find suitable candidates.

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