APP Development-Why do companies prefer hybrid APP development technology?

There are now three popular development technologies on mobile phones, namely WebAPP, native APP and hybrid APP. But why do companies now prefer hybrid APP development technology?

Introducing some content about hybrid APP development to let you understand why enterprises prefer it.

APP Development-Why do companies prefer hybrid APP development technology?
APP development

First, hybrid APP definition

The mixed-mode mobile application Hybrid App is an APP between WebAPP and Native-App. Therefore, it has the advantages of excellent user interaction experience of Native-App and the cross-platform advantages of WebAPP hybrid development. Web languages ​​and programming languages ​​​​are also used at the same time during development. According to the application mall, different mobile operating systems are distributed, and users should download and install the application.

Second, advantages of hybrid APP

1. Low development cost. You only need to write a set of coding to complete hybrid development, which can be activated immediately in the computer browser. Since only one set of code is written, the cost of later maintenance is reduced.

2. It has the advantages of native APP interaction. Since the hybrid APP can enable the original ecological API, some important business pages, complex animation interactions, system UI, etc. will be completed by Native-App.

3. With the cross-platform advantage of WebAPP, you can use coding written in Web language to share resources between different platforms. It can span at least three platforms: Apple APP, Android APP, and ordinary web browsers.

Third, the reason why hybrid APP is popular

1. Information management security When everyone comes into contact with Internet technology, they always think about how to ensure security?

Hybrid APP can realize dynamic permission association and authorization mode, can support the selection of different sub-applications among corresponding devices and different people, and can be adjusted at any time according to the user’s work needs. Therefore, the company’s safety requirements can be met.

2. High business coordination ability. In the past, due to changes in company product demand, users had to upgrade to a new version or download the APP again to complete its functions.

Hybrid APP development technology allows users to get the latest services and functions when opening the APP, fulfilling business coordination needs.

3. The development cycle is shortened because the hybrid APP only needs to write a set of coding, and it can be converted into APP software for the two service platforms of Apple system and Android system at the same time. It can even be compatible with WeChat mini programs and public accounts of the WeChat public platform. This not only saves the time of typing code, but also solves the problem of cross-knowledge communication and collaboration between multiple software development teams. At the same time, it also saves the economic cost of APP and server-side debugging.

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