APP development: Introduction to social APP development functions

The development of the mobile Internet has made our lives more convenient and information can be transmitted faster. Vertical one-to-one social source apps such as QQ, WeChat and Momo have sprung up, bringing new innovations to traditional social methods. situation.

APP development: Introduction to social APP development functions
Social APP development

Social APP development:

1. Login/Registration: Support login and registration with mobile phone number verification code, one-click login with local mobile phone number WeChat QQ.

2. Home page: recommendations, nearby, voice speed dating, limited time blind date, free chat, updates.

(1) Voice speed dating function: Users can voice chat, and users who turn on matching within the same time will be able to have a successful speed dating appointment. After the conversation ends, the price will be settled automatically based on the duration of the voice call.

(2) Limited-time blind date function: Users can video chat for blind dates. Users who enable matching within the same time can be quickly matched and the blind date is successful. After the end, the fee will be automatically settled based on the duration of the video.

(3) Nearby function in the same city: Users can customize the gender of their friends, match users based on their physical location for communication, and proactively chat up users of the opposite sex. The system will automatically generate phrases and send them to the corresponding users. After the chat is completed, text, voice, Private video chat.

(4) Chat for free. It is a public chat hall and you can enter group chats for free to say goodbye to loneliness.

(5) Dynamic square, this interface mainly displays dynamic information posted by authenticated users, and supports posting of dynamics in three forms: text, pictures, and videos. Watch the updates of users recommended by the platform in real time, arranged by time, and view followers’ updates. You can directly like, comment, private message, etc.

3. Dating: video dating, voice dating, online dating. Real one-on-one video dating room, online voice chat room, online one-to-one mutual chat list.

4. Family: Family hall, family list display, family avatar, family name. The family daily list, weekly list, and general list are arranged according to prestige. You can create a family, designate a clan leader and administrator, and you can also enter the chat room as a guest.

5. Messages: including system notifications, user private message lists, and family message notifications. You can send gifts through private message chat, and you can send red envelopes through family chat, specify the amount and number of red envelopes, edit blessings, give gifts, recharge, etc.

6. Personal center:

(1) My data: data editing, dynamic query, achievement query, charm value, rich value, guardian, gift wall. Named family group, exclusive privileges for nobles, recharge, and withdrawal of income points (2) Task center: real dating tasks provided through the platform: complete information, real-name authentication, join groups, etc.; tips for getting out of singles: available through voice calls and video chats Different amounts of gold coins (3) invite prizes, who has viewed me, problem feedback (platform customer service) one-to-one video, one-to-one voice system, and source code system for making friends near the same city and other special functions. 1. In-depth authentication: real-life video authentication, manual review, rejection of fake photos, rejection of p-pictures, here are the most authentic looks to help you ensure the authenticity of the information. 2. Charge settings: message price setting, voice answering switch, voice price setting, video answering switch, video price setting.

3. Privacy settings: Hide your own guardian, hide your gifts, hide your charm and wealth, and hide your entrance effects.

4. Blacklist: Block and blacklist to prevent malicious harassment.

5. VIP members: After opening membership rights, you will enjoy exclusive logos, noble cards, noble medals, noble portrait frames, noble gifts, upgrade acceleration, visitor records, entry notifications, TV wall broadcasts, chat bubbles, cars, defense, VIP Butler exclusive customer service

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