What industries does blockchain technology involve in real-life applications?

Industry application scenarios of blockchain technology

Digital currency has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the characteristics of decentralized credit and frequent transactions, it has a high transaction value and can maintain a relatively stable price through the development of hedging financial derivatives as a quasi-super-sovereign currency.

What industries does blockchain technology involve in real-life applications?
Blockchain technology

So, in addition to digital currency applications represented by Bitcoin, what other industry applications does blockchain technology have:

1. Blockchain + Medical

In the medical field, blockchain can use its anonymity, decentralization and other characteristics to protect patient privacy. Electronic health records (EHR), DNA wallets, drug anti-counterfeiting, etc. are all possible application areas of blockchain technology. IBM predicted in last year’s report that 56% of medical institutions around the world will invest in blockchain technology by 2020.

2. Blockchain + Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a very broad concept. If communications, energy management, supply chain management, sharing economy, etc. are included, the Internet of Things application of blockchain technology will become a very important application field.

3. Blockchain + IP Copyright & Culture and Entertainment

The Internet is developing better and better, and digital music, digital books, digital videos, digital games, etc. have gradually become mainstream. The rise of the knowledge economy has made intellectual property rights a core element of market competition. However, intellectual property infringement is serious in the current Internet ecosystem, and the copyright protection of digital assets has become a pain point in the industry. Blockchain has the characteristics of disintermediation, consensus mechanism, and non-tampering. Blockchain technology can effectively integrate all aspects of the cultural and entertainment value chain, accelerate circulation, and shorten the value creation cycle; at the same time, the value of digital content can be realized Transfer, and ensure that the transfer process is credible, auditable and transparent, effectively preventing piracy and other behaviors.

4. Blockchain + Public Services & Education

In the fields of public services, education, charity and public welfare, issues such as file management, identity (qualification) certification, and public trust all exist objectively. The traditional method is to rely on a credible third party for credit endorsement, but problems such as fraud and deficiencies still exist. exist. Blockchain technology can ensure the integrity, permanence and unchangeability of all data, and thus can effectively solve the difficulties and pain points in these industries in terms of certificate storage, tracking, association, and backtracking.

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