Development of training mini programs: What are the main functions of mini programs in the training industry?

In 2020, WeChat Mini Program DAU reached 400 million+, the number of users per capita increased by 25%, the per capita Mini Program transaction amount increased by 67%, active Mini Programs increased by 75%, and Transaction Mini Programs increased by 68%. WeChat Mini Programs for the whole year of 2020 Transaction volume increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

The fundamental reason why Mini program development has become so popular is its unique advantages. As a training industry, in the big mobile Internet environment, nature also needs to pay attention to it. Mini programs have good experience, reasonable development costs, and easy promotion, making them the most ideal choice in the training industry. What functions are needed to develop training mini programs?

Training app development
Training app development

1. Training Mini Program Member Center

After users enter the mini program, they register and log in through WeChat. After becoming a member, they can use the mini program, browse the courses in it, and then experience, sign up, purchase courses, etc. Moreover, users can also conveniently manage their own information, orders, learning courses, etc., and training companies can also conveniently serve users.

2. Training Mini Program Course Center

If users want to learn courses, they need to go to the mini program to select the courses they want. Therefore, the mini program needs to have the function of a course center to display all courses so that users can choose among them.

3. Training Mini Program Textbook Mall

In the mini program, you can set up a shopping mall for purchasing textbooks and materials, allowing users to choose and purchase the materials they need, and then have them delivered to their homes. This will not only make users learn more efficiently, make the user experience better, but also increase profit channels.

4. Training mini program online customer service

The main function of customer service is to help users solve all the problems they encounter when using mini programs, so that users can better understand and use mini programs, increase the probability of users purchasing courses, and effectively increase conversion profits

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