website seo optimization

Website SEO optimization
Website SEO optimization

Marketing website SEO optimization

Robots crawler protocol creation

Sitemap map XML file creation

SEO keyword database recommendation

SEO keyword creation (per page)

TDK (title/description/keywords optimized configuration)

New station white hat second ranking technology (take the new station Baidu initial weight)

Comprehensive speed optimization, CND acceleration of the whole site, and the website opens quickly

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  • WeChat applet development

    WeChat applet development has now become a popular topic of discussion in the Internet circle. If enterprises and brands have not started to deploy WeChat mini-program business, there is a risk of falling behind. Small program development is one of the hottest programming languages ​​at present. It is easy to learn and applicable to various scenarios, making small programs the first choice of many programmers and developers. The basic process of applet development is:1. Design the functions of the applet, and determine the interface and functions of the applet;2. Use…

  • UI/UX design

    UI/UX design Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *FirstLastEmail *Paragraph TextVerification Code * = Submit

  • Enterprise website agent operation service

    Shanghai New Mileage Technology provides you with website agent operation services: website content update, website promotion, SEO optimization and SEM delivery and other services The enterprise website represents the image of the enterprise. It is the first way for many customers to understand the enterprise, and it is also a major platform for the enterprise to carry out network publicity and promotion. New Mileage Technology, a professional website operation company, came to chat with you: How should website operations be done? 1. Enterprise website agent operation: keep the website running…

  • Foreign trade website construction

    New Mileage Technology is a professional foreign trade website construction company: foreign trade enterprise website production_foreign trade marketing website construction_website production suitable for Google SEO, helping foreign trade enterprises to receive orders Many companies have already carried out foreign trade business. When conducting foreign trade, the most basic thing is to have a foreign trade independent station to do website SEO marketing For more foreign trade website construction company_foreign trade website design_foreign trade website development and production related information, please contact online customer service Foreign trade website design_Blue case The…

  • Website maintenance, content operation and maintenance

    After the website is built, if you want to operate it for a long time and make the enterprise website a sharp tool for obtaining sales leads, you need to carry out website maintenance on the enterprise website. Website maintenance is also very important. Only an SEO-type website that is constantly updated can be used. Businesses get sales leads. Professional website maintenance company, website SEO hosting company: Infocode will tell you what specific content is needed for website maintenance Infocode proposes a combination of website maintenance + website SEO optimization…

  • Detection of Prohibited Words in the New Advertising Law

    With the rapid development of the Internet, basically every enterprise has its own corporate website. Users promote their own products or company image, and their own website promotion vocabulary is not used casually. If you do not understand the “New Advertising Law”, it is easy to touch When encountering prohibited and illegal words, because if you don’t pay attention, you may violate the new advertising law, and you will be punished by the industry and commerce department according to law If your company or enterprise has these behaviors and is…