Software Development – Is it better to have more software developers or fewer people?

Can a custom-developed direct sales system software APP be completed in ten days? Impossible, absolutely impossible.

Software Development - Is it better to have more software developers or fewer people?
Software development

The custom-developed direct sales system software APP requires five people to participate in the development, and the cycle is about 50 working days. Sometimes some customers are very tight on time and require us to develop it in 10 working days, but this is impossible, but the customer does not Thinking about it this way, he thought that if you turn 5 people into 25 people and increase the number of people five times, then the time will be shortened five times. In this way, it can be developed in ten working days.

This may sound like there is nothing wrong with it, but in reality it is not like this.

Appropriately adding developers can indeed shorten the cycle, but once the number of people increases to a certain number, the effect is not so obvious, and it is possible that the more developers there are, the longer the development cycle will be.

It takes 50 working days for five people to do it. So if 250 people do it, can it be completed in one day?

This is definitely not the case. If you think about it, it may not be enough to hold a meeting with these 250 people in one day to let them understand their needs.

So in reality, it does not mean that the more people are added, the shorter the development cycle will be.

Is it possible for a single person to develop a complete direct selling system software APP? It’s impossible, absolutely impossible.

Some customers may wonder why five people are needed to develop a direct selling system software APP. Why can’t all the work be done by one person?

It is not impossible for one person to complete it. This type is generally called a full-stack engineer. To complete it all by one person, you need to understand the product UI, understand the front-end, understand the back-end, and understand testing. It is equivalent to one person being a scientist, entrepreneur, writer, There are indeed musicians and artists, but they are very few.

Software development companies generally don’t hire such people, because what we focus on is the efficiency of development. You don’t need to know everything. You just need to be very capable in your own position.

If the project is assigned to a full-stack engineer, it will certainly be no problem to do it well, but if he has to do so much work alone, it will definitely take a long time.

Customers who are engaged in software development cannot wait for such a long time.

Therefore, developing a software app does not mean that the more people the better, or the fewer people the better, but it must be appropriate and follow the usual pattern.

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