What functions are needed to develop a customized wedding APP?

Customized wedding APP development functions

Weddings leave beautiful memories for couples, but they require the support of a professional team and meticulous preparations. Today’s young people like to pursue fashionable and personalized weddings. Marriage is a meticulous and trivial matter. Wedding APP is an APP specially designed to help couples plan and prepare for weddings.

What functions are needed to develop a customized wedding APP?
Wedding APP

Introduction to functions and features of customized wedding APP development

1. Wedding Planning: Different wedding modes, wedding plans and wedding videos of nearby weddings and choose with complete customer satisfaction.

2. Intelligent selection: After all the wedding requirements are put forward, the waiting system will intelligently select and recommend suitable partners to the user. The planner can coordinate the entire process to meet the user’s own needs.

3. Wedding plan: The planner understands the needs of the couple through communication, formulates a wedding plan, and sends the plan to the couple. After confirmation, payment is made. The service process is very professional.

4. Wedding photography: Various photo studios, check products online, filter according to area, price, shooting type, shooting scene, and choose your favorite package more freely.

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