Mini program live broadcast mall development: What are the advantages and benefits of the live broadcast mini program mall?

As more and more merchants bring goods to the market through live broadcasts, only by using mini program malls to create private traffic can they form unique competitiveness. Live broadcasting is very popular, which is also due to the convenience of the Internet era. Many users can watch various videos without leaving home, and the timeliness and high interactivity of the live broadcast mini program can greatly attract users to watch.

Lanchang Information Technology, a professional mini program live broadcast mall development company, will talk to you about the advantages and benefits of the live mini program mall?

Features of the mini program live broadcast mall system

What are the advantages and benefits of live broadcast mini program mall development?

1. Live broadcast mini program mall traffic belongs to merchants

All access, interaction and transactions in the mini program live broadcast are completed within the merchant’s own WeChat mini program, without the need to jump to APPs or other mini programs. All the traffic brought by the live broadcast will also be stored in the merchant’s own mini program, which is more conducive to the long-term operation of the merchant. After accessing the mini program live broadcast, merchants can decide when to launch the live broadcast and fully cooperate with their own marketing and operation activities.

2. The live broadcast mini program mall has low threshold and fast operation

WeChat provides a package of live broadcast functions. Merchants who receive invitations can apply for live broadcast capabilities in the “Function – Live Broadcast” in the mini program background. After passing the review and developing according to the documents, they can live broadcast on their own mini programs and use the mini programs to live broadcast. A set of capabilities that come with the component. Currently, development can be completed in as little as one day. You can get started in as little as 20 minutes. Merchants can display products efficiently and intuitively through mini-program live broadcasts, and use capabilities such as likes, draws, comments, and coupon distribution to generate various interactions with users.

3. The live broadcast mini-program mall is convenient, highly interactive and has high conversion efficiency

Mini program live broadcast can also maximize its integration into WeChat’s own social and content ecology. For example, the mini program live broadcast supports subscriptions to the live broadcast room to facilitate return visits; it can be shared to WeChat chat with one click to facilitate access by friends and community fans. It can also attract traffic to the live broadcast room through public accounts, and the conversion efficiency is also high.

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