Enterprise attendance app development solution

Every company has its own attendance method. Some companies use punch-in machines, some use DingTalk clock-in machines, and some develop their own systems. With the emergence of the mobile Internet, more and more industries are beginning to A new Internet route to serve the public in a new form of enterprise to acquire customers and bring better work communication to employees. The enterprise attendance APP mainly maintains the normal working order of the enterprise, improves work efficiency, and enforces corporate discipline.

Enterprise attendance app development solution
Attendance APP

Enterprise attendance app development solution

1. Employee entry: The information content of employees in the enterprise can be entered online by the manager. According to the employee’s entry and exit status, he or she can work online and enter or change relevant information.

2. Humanized attendance: Employees can use the APP client to perform various attendance services such as attendance positioning, attendance and outing in the mobile software.

3. Attendance data: Attendance personnel can directly view attendance data through the application, and the data love letter is clearly visible, effectively meeting the attendance requirements of attendance personnel.

4. File sharing: Company-related files can be shared on the APP client, and work experience in related companies can be shared.

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