Price determinants of APP development and mall applet development

Mall shopping applet development price

Under the influence of the mobile Internet, e-commerce companies are developing faster and faster, and consumption habits have also undergone tremendous changes. The traditional marketing model can no longer meet the diversified needs of users. In order to meet the needs of users, open up new marketing channels, and seize mobile Internet market resources, all walks of life hope to lay out the mobile market through the development of mall mini-programs and connect online and offline sales channels. However, before developing mall mini-programs, companies want to know how much it costs to develop such APPs and mini-programs, whether it meets the budget, whether the effects and prices of different APP development companies are consistent, etc.

Enterprises must understand that whether it is APP development or small program development, the price is determined by a variety of factors. Any APP development company or small program development company will not give a price casually, but based on the needs of users. to evaluate.

Price determinants of APP development and mall applet development
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So, let’s take a look at the price determinants of APP development and mall applet development.

1. Development and types of mall applet development

Although mall mini programs and mall mini programs are both mall shopping types, they are also divided into two types: enterprise mini programs (such as B2B, B2B, C2C, etc.) and multi-user mini programs (such as B2B2C). Enterprises and small program sellers are just enterprises, their functions are simpler, they take a relatively short time, and their prices are relatively cheap; on the contrary, multi-user and small program sellers not only face consumers but also various types of enterprise merchants, and their functions It is more complex, more difficult to complete than the former simple enterprise and small program, and the price will be higher.

Therefore, when companies decide to build and store mini-programs, they need to understand the types of apps and mini-programs they are developing to understand the prices.

2. Development and mall applet development methods

With the rapid development of the Internet, the number of various types of mall applets is increasing, and in addition to customized development and customized mall app development, templates and template applets have gradually emerged.

1. Template production

Template APPs and template mini-programs are simpler and faster. You only need to apply the template and change the text, pictures, etc. in it to your own. It is simple, convenient, fast, and low-priced. However, it is relatively difficult to guarantee the user experience of template APPs and mini programs. The homogeneity phenomenon is serious, and the price ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands.

2. Customized development

Customized development and customized mall mini program development are mainly based on the actual needs of users, industry development trends, competitive product analysis, etc., which are more in line with user experience and personalized pursuits. It requires customers, planning, design, product department, project department, Program engineers and others work together to complete the project. If it is a large-scale project with complex functions or even requires a team of dozens or hundreds of people, it will take longer and the labor cost will be higher. Among them, the prices of APPs vary depending on their functions, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

3. Difficulty of functions

The difficulty of development and mall applet development is one of the main factors that affects the price. Whether it is a template APP, applet or customized APP or applet, the more functions, the more difficult it is, requiring more manpower and time, and the price also increases. will be higher.

4. APP application system and quantity

I believe that most users understand that Apple mobile phones use the iOS system, while Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones use the Android system. The two systems are different and incompatible with each other, so when developing, they need to be developed according to the actual situation of the user. One of the two systems or both systems must be developed (the other systems have a small market share and are not included). The systems are different, the quantities are different, and the prices are also different.

5. Number of APP and mini-program pages

The greater the number of pages in developing and shopping mall mini-programs, the longer and more energy it takes to build, design and produce the framework, and the higher the price.

6. Development team strength and experience

The stronger a development and mall applet development team is, the richer their experience, the more professional and skilled they will be in the development process, the fewer bugs they will encounter, the less time it will take to make and modify them, and the lower the time cost and the price will be. It is also relatively lower.

7. Server

Development and mall applet development are also affected by factors such as server space size and running speed. The larger the space required, the higher the cost, and the smaller the space, the lower the cost. Of course, enterprises can also rent or purchase servers by themselves, but they need to hire professional personnel to manage the servers.

No matter what type of software or mall applet it is, the price is determined by many factors. Therefore, before developing APP software and small programs, it is best to write down your relevant needs. The more detailed the better, and then organize, refine and summarize them later, so that the price given will be more accurate. Search the Hunuo Technology official account to give your needs, and we will provide you with a clearer quotation plan.

With the rapid development of the Internet market, consumer behavior and consumption concepts have undergone fundamental changes. Mobile application software development plays an increasingly important role in corporate marketing and promotion. Internetization has become an inevitable trend for enterprise development. Whether it is for businesses or consumers, it is very beneficial and necessary to realize intelligent Internet operations through the development of mobile APPs and small programs. The development of mobile APP and mini-program development that is in line with industry development requires analysis based on the actual market situation, consumer conditions, etc.

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