WeChat development: several common ways of WeChat official account development

The development of WeChat official account can use a variety of technologies and tools.

Common WeChat official account development methods, developers can choose a suitable method for development according to their own needs and technical proficiency.

New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce to you several common methods of WeChat public account development.

WeChat development: several common ways of WeChat official account development

1. WeChat official account background development

You can use server-side development languages ​​(such as Java, Python, Node.js, etc.) to develop your own background server to receive and process requests and messages from WeChat official accounts. Developers can use the } in the development language according to the official account interface document provided by WeChat

2. WeChat official account development framework

In order to simplify the development process and improve development efficiency, some open source WeChat official account development frameworks can also be used. These frameworks have encapsulated functions such as interface calls and message processing of WeChat official accounts, and developers only need to configure and write business logic according to the framework specifications. Common frameworks include Spring WeChat, Django WeChat, etc.

3. WeChat official account editor

For some simple functions and pages, you can use a dedicated WeChat official account editor for development. These editors usually provide a visual interface and templates, and developers can quickly build pages by dragging and dropping components, configuring parameters, etc., and generate corresponding codes. Some common WeChat official account editors include Youzan Weimall, EasyWeChat, etc.

4. WeChat applet

If you need richer interactions and functions, you can consider using WeChat mini-program development. WeChat Mini Programs are applications that run within the WeChat ecosystem, and can be developed and published through the background configuration of the WeChat official account. Developers can use small program development frameworks (such as Taro, uni-app, etc.) to develop and realize the writing of small program pages and functions.

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