• How to develop your own mini program?

    How to develop your own mini program? WeChat is often used in people’s lives nowadays. WeChat has changed people’s lives to a great extent and made people’s lives easier and more convenient. In addition, WeChat also has many functions, which also allow people to do better in WeChat. To realize their own requirements, small programs are often used by people nowadays. Nowadays, many people choose to make their own small programs. So how do small programs develop their own small programs? Follow the editor to find out more. 1. Benefits…

  • Mini program development costs

    The primary issue that many merchants are often concerned about when developing small programs is price. Different development companies often have different needs and quotations. It is recommended that you pay more attention to quality while caring about price. So how much does it cost to develop a WeChat small program currently? Woolen cloth? 1. Hire people to develop If you hire people to develop small programs, you need at least two people: design (product, UI design), development (backend service, front-end). This is the legendary full stack. How much does…

  • What are the advantages of driving APP software development and what functions should it have?

    The Internet continues to develop, and many APP software appear in people’s lives. As the pace of people’s lives continues to accelerate, many people’s work inevitably requires socializing, which is very inconvenient for car owners. In order to provide convenience to people’s lives, driving APP software development Appearing in people’s lives, users can find a driver online and no longer have to worry about being unable to drive after drinking. 1. Advantages of driving APP software development 1. It is convenient for people to find a driver online: With the…

  • Software Development – Is it better to have more software developers or fewer people?

    Can a custom-developed direct sales system software APP be completed in ten days? Impossible, absolutely impossible. The custom-developed direct sales system software APP requires five people to participate in the development, and the cycle is about 50 working days. Sometimes some customers are very tight on time and require us to develop it in 10 working days, but this is impossible, but the customer does not Thinking about it this way, he thought that if you turn 5 people into 25 people and increase the number of people five times,…

  • Video production-short video agency operation brings people the opportunity to change their destiny

    Many people may not have thought about it before, but now a person can make money on Douyin, such as a positive boss, a very skilled chef, or a designer with many years of experience, or a person with a strong sense of humor. Photographers are possible. Will a person who is both professional and interesting be more likely to win the favor of consumers? In the past, consultation in physical stores has changed to directly reading your content and direct online consultation. The entire consumption path has completely changed….

  • Blockchain technology application: What changes can blockchain technology bring to our lives?

    One ​​of the main goals of blockchain technology is to allow people from all over the world to easily communicate with each other and conduct business. When people are more inclined to trust each other than to rely on central institutions, the development of blockchain becomes an inevitable trend. Blockchain can promote the free movement of people around the world in many ways. Let’s learn about the changes that blockchain technology can bring to our lives: Blockchain technology can help reduce the cost of moving money and goods around the…

  • Shanghai Software Development Company-The core content and characteristics of blockchain

    It is said that blockchain is very popular now, but for many people on the Internet, there are still many people who don’t know what blockchain is. So how to understand blockchain, I believe many people don’t know. Although the concept of “blockchain” is not new to the public, not many people really understand it. What is its relationship with us? Here I will explain the core content for you to help you better understand what blockchain is. Let’s start with a few important points, such as decentralization, openness, irrevocability,…

  • The development space and market prospects of blockchain in the future are really huge.

    Is the future development space and market prospect of blockchain really so huge? From my personal perspective, this is indeed the case, because when the development of science and technology reaches a bottleneck stage, people will continue to try to innovate through various technical means, and the key point of innovation is novelty. Only in this way will Only by reaching a user level can this industry develop better. To be precise, the metaverse is no longer just a virtual spatial existence, but in people’s ideals, it is almost another…

  • How to develop acquaintance WeChat

    With the development of social networks, people pay more and more attention to the connection with acquaintances. As a popular social tool, WeChat has become an important platform for people’s daily communication. How to develop WeChat for acquaintances to allow more people to use and quickly establish contact has become an important issue. Here are some suggestions for developing WeChat for acquaintances. 1. Determine the target group for development Before developing WeChat for acquaintances, you must first determine the target group for development. For example, whether they are college students,…