Software Development – Is it better to build your own team or find a software development company for software development?

When it comes to software development, is it better to build your own team to develop it, or to leave it to a software development outsourcing company?

Software Development - Is it better to build your own team or find a software development company for software development?
Software development

I think it’s better to find a software development company to outsource:

First of all, if you do this for a software development outsourcing company, the project can only be done after the price and demand of a software development project are determined. They are responsible for the entire project. Even if the development cycle is extended, the entire price will not change. You I can control costs better, and my self-built team can also control costs very well.

It’s hard to say for a self-built team. For example, if you plan to complete the project cost in three months, you will be paid three months’ salary. But if your own technical team works for five months, you must pay five months’ salary. The employees on your technical team will not be responsible for the structure, they are only responsible for the process, and you have to pay them as long as they come to work.

But the self-built team is my own management programmer. If the development is not good, I can keep an eye on him at any time and force him to do a good job.

This is actually not necessarily true. Let me give you an analogy. For example, after your technical team of five to seven people has developed the app for five months, you find that the developed APP is completely unusable. You cannot ask your employees to refund five months’ salary. For you, if you find that they are not doing well, it will be difficult for you to fire them, because you have to pay for the firing.

As for software development outsourcing companies, if the software development company finally develops something that cannot be used, they will be responsible for the results and are bound by the contract.

And if you finish the development this time and find that their service is not good, you can change to a software development company and fire a software development company without losing money.

So there are no advantages to building a self-built team? Of course there is.

If you build a self-built team that understands technology and can manage, the things developed will definitely be more detailed and perfect, and to meet the needs of later software updates and iterations, you can change whatever you want, unlike a software development company that adds features later. To increase demand, you have to increase money.

No one is absolutely good or bad. It only depends on whether it is suitable or not. In fact, self-built teams are good in all aspects, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high.

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