What functions are needed to develop a driving mini program?

With the high-quality development of social economy, agency driving has also become a hot spot in life services. WeChat has 800 million daily active users, and the development of customized agency driving mini-programs still has this market share, and the agency driving business has also become a hot spot in the agency driving business.

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What functions are needed to develop a driving mini program?

1. Online positioning of the driving mini program: As long as the user enters the starting point and destination clearly, a mileage order will be formed, and the driver will contact the user in time after receiving the user’s order.

2. Online registration for the driving mini program: If a driver wants to be a driving agent, he or she can register online and submit relevant information for review.

3. Various types of driving services: Provide services for various types of users, such as wedding driving, business travel, etc. Solve various inconvenient problems for users when going out.

4. Driver details in the Driving Mini Program: Click on the driver’s name to see the driver’s detailed information and the owner’s evaluation of the driver. Click to call the driver to directly dial the driver’s phone number. .

5. Driving mini program reservation service: Everyone needs to be driven at different times. In order to meet the needs of different users, reservation service is necessary.

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6. Driving mini program complaint service: In order to improve the service quality of the platform, the driving mini program has developed a complaint hotline for users; users can make online complaints about service attitude, riding environment, etc.

7. Online payment on the driving mini program: After the driving is completed, the user can make online payment directly on the driving mini program.

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