What is the focus of personal and enterprise WeChat Mini Program development?

In the blue ocean era of mini programs, various industries are rushing into the development of mini programs, vying to be the first to release their own mini programs to lay out the market. However, for some friends who are new to WeChat Mini Programs, their understanding of personal WeChat Mini Program development and enterprise WeChat Mini Program development is not so deep and thorough, and it is not clear what the differences are.

In fact, when comparing personal WeChat applet development with enterprise WeChat applet development, apart from WeChat payment and nearby functions, they have other differences.

What is the focus of personal and enterprise WeChat Mini Program development?
WeChat Mini Program Development

1. The focus of personal WeChat applet development

1. Page layout: The main advantage of the WeChat mini program is that it is “light and fast” and can be used at any time. If your page layout design concept is very complicated, it will easily make customers feel complicated and confusing, thus dissuading users and greatly affecting customer satisfaction. experience.

2. Clear navigation: Navigation plays the role of guiding users and helps customers quickly find the functions they need. Therefore, navigation is a very important guide.

3. Simple functions: WeChat mini programs are extremely simple and clear in function. Therefore, they generally only provide the most commonly used functions by users. Do not design some very complicated functions. For the vast majority of users, they Prefer something simple and clear.

2. The focus of enterprise WeChat mini program development

1. The name of the WeChat applet is unique: The name of the enterprise WeChat applet needs to be unique, which can be said to be a major advantage of the enterprise WeChat applet. Therefore, once the company and merchant determine the name of the WeChat mini program, they must quickly register it. Don’t let your favorite name be preempted by others, which is irreversible. A good name will bring you a lot of natural traffic.

2. Do a good job in promotion and operation: No matter how good the product is, it is difficult to develop it without professional operation. Therefore, before the product is officially launched, the company should choose a professional operation team based on the company’s actual situation and future development direction. , formulate a good operating plan.

3. Development companies need to be selective: Choosing a good small program development company will allow your product to gain market competitiveness, and also make customer service love your product, thus achieving the effect of acquiring and retaining customers.

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