Introduction to NFT: Some characteristics of NFT

NFT is a very unique blockchain product, and its distinctive technical features are an important direction for us to understand NFT.

In NFT, we have an unprecedented blockchain experience. The low-threshold NFT has become a bridge for us to understand and contact the blockchain.

Introduction to NFT: Some characteristics of NFT

Let’s talk about some characteristics of NFT, hoping it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Unique

The digital files of traditional artworks can be copied at will, while NFT allows these artworks to obtain “digital IDs” with unique identities through blockchain verification. Its creators can decide the issuance quantity of a certain work and number it by themselves. Every link of circulation and transaction is completely recorded through the blockchain, so each NFT itself is unique.

2. Indivisible

The smallest unit of each NFT exists as a whole and cannot be circulated in units of measurement below “1” like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

3. Continuation income

According to the trading agreements of different platforms, each transaction of NFT commodities can allow its previous owners to obtain a certain proportion of the share.

4. Emphasis on social interaction

NFT has strong cultural attributes and interactive attributes. Participants obtain its unchangeable ownership and use rights after purchasing. There is a strong social significance behind this purchasing behavior, and buyers can use it to demonstrate their uniqueness in the digital field. purchasing power, taste and even social status.

NFT development will maintain a certain degree of popularity in a short period of time, and it is important to bring certain development to the digital economic market. In the future, NFT will use its own technological superiority to develop the “NFT+ industry” model to further consolidate its development position in the market and avoid being eliminated by the times.

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