Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the advantages and disadvantages of APP development outsourcing?

With the outstanding performance of APP in business, many companies want to seize the opportunity and develop their own APP in order to attract customers through APP. Many companies and merchants have chosen outsourcing APP development, which is to hand over development to professional software outsourcing companies.

So is this development method good or not? Let’s analyze it for you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing APP development?

Shanghai APP Development Company-What are the advantages and disadvantages of APP development outsourcing?
APP development

1. Advantages of APP development outsourcing

1. More suitable for customized development of APP needs

APP development outsourcing is what we call customized development. The custom-developed APP is tailor-made according to your needs, so it can better meet our personalized needs and avoid your The APP is too similar to other competing products, which can leave users with a better user experience and a deep brand impression.

2. Company labor costsSaving

If an enterprise outsources APP projects, it can save more labor costs for the enterprise, and it can also allow the enterprise to take time to do what it is good at. Why not!

3. Own the source code of the APP

Find an APP and find an outsourcing company. After completion, the outsourcing company will package the source code and deliver it to you. After it is completed, you will have the completed source code and have your own control over the data. It’s no problem if you want to carry out secondary development later.

2. Disadvantages of APP development outsourcing

1. APP developmentoutsourcing companies are so mixed that it is difficult to distinguish

There are currently many companies developing APPs. Companies have no experience, and the selection criteria are generally based on price. Therefore, it is easy to be attracted by low prices and choose some unreliable software. Outsourcing companies, resulting in unsatisfactory results of the APP developed later.

2. The cycle of APP customization and outsourcing is a bit long

APP outsourcing companies generally have many processes, generally including “demand planning – demand analysis – demand confirmation – product prototype design – UI design – technology development – It takes 1-2 months to complete these steps: system testing – platform tuning – product launch. If the project is large, it may take longer.

3. APP customization outsourcing is also more expensive

Customization also requires a relatively large amount of funds, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands is normal. Therefore, this method is more suitable for large enterprises and is not very friendly to small and medium-sized businesses.

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