• Create a perfect weather forecast applet with comprehensive analysis of functions

    With the development of technology, our lives have become increasingly inseparable from various smart devices and applications. Among these applications, the weather forecast applet is undoubtedly a practical and convenient tool. So, what functions should the development of a weather forecast applet have? Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some comprehensive analysis of the functions of the weather forecast applet. 1. Basic functions Display current city weather: This is the most basic function, which can provide real-time temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and other…

  • Master the five core functions of mortgage calculator applet development to easily help you achieve financial planning

    With the popularity of mobile Internet, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the issue of loan purchases. As a practical tool, the mortgage calculator applet can help users easily calculate mortgage, repayment amount and other information, so as to better plan their financial life. Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some of the five core functions developed in the mortgage calculator applet, allowing you to easily master the use of this tool. 1. Basic information entry function When users use the…

  • Electronic coupon applet development, function list

    With the popularity of mobile Internet, more and more people are beginning to use mobile phones for shopping, ordering and other consumer activities. In order to attract users and increase sales, many merchants have launched electronic coupon mini-programs. So, what are the functions of electronic coupon applet development? Professional Mini program development company Lanchang Informationtechnology will be introduced to you, and the development functions of the electronic coupon applet will be introduced in detail. 1. Registration and login functions When users use the electronic coupon applet for the first time,…

  • The difference between personal applet and enterprise applet development

    Original title: The difference between personal applet and enterprise applet development The era of mini programs has arrived, and all major industries are rushing into the development of mini programs, vying to be the first to release their own mini programs. However, for some friends who are new to WeChat Mini Programs, their understanding of personal WeChat Mini Program development and enterprise WeChat Mini Program development is not so in-depth, and they do not know the difference between them. In fact, when comparing personal WeChat applet development with enterprise WeChat…

  • Introduction to the functional advantages of Shanghai AI recognition applet development

    Original title: Introduction to the functional advantages of Hefei AI recognition applet development With the development of some big data, intelligent recognition technology is also developing, just like flower recognition technology and some code scanning recognition technology are also developing. An AI recognition applet has been developed. Users can follow the applet through code scanning and automatically start the recognition applet’s functions, such as flower recognition, simple text recognition, etc. Make it easier and more convenient for users to identify these items. 1. What are the common functional modes used…

  • Functions developed by freight applet

    Original title: Functions of freight applet development Many industries are now opening new channels on the Internet, and the freight industry is no exception. Developing a freight logistics applet can bring together some companies or individuals with transportation needs and manage them through the applet to achieve precise docking and transportation. The process can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation and win more profit margins. So from a development perspective, what functional modules does a freight applet need to implement? Functions of the freight applet: 1: Register online…

  • How much does it cost to develop a gift mall applet?

    Original title: How much does it cost to develop a gift mall applet? Every Spring Festival, I give gifts to my relatives and friends, but I don’t know what gifts to choose. It takes a lot of time to buy them in offline stores. With the rapid development of the Internet, mini programs cover all walks of life. Gift mall mini programs allow merchants to have more online sales channels and make it easier for people to purchase gifts. What are the functions of gift mall applet development? The functions…

  • What functions are required for the development of smart tax applet?

    With the rapid development of social economy, many offline businesses have gradually moved online, providing convenience to people’s lives. In daily life, people often need to spend a certain amount of time and energy to pay taxes. Taxation The mini program allows taxpayers to pay taxes more conveniently and at the same time allows taxpayers to learn more tax information. For users and the tax bureau, the tax applet provides great convenience to users and improves the management level of the tax bureau. It is a convenient application product. What…

  • How is the garbage classification WeChat applet used by users?

    How is the garbage classification WeChat applet used by users? In the past two years, the work of garbage classification is being accelerated and implemented. I still remember that the year before last, many netizens complained about the garbage recycling classification table released in Shanghai. After all, it is very troublesome for community residents to clear the garbage and need to understand the classification information. However, residents cannot be allowed to place garbage randomly, which will not only affect environmental sanitation but also occupy public space in the community. With…

  • An introduction to the advantages and solutions of pharmacy applet development!

    Introduction to the advantages and solutions of pharmacy applet development! During the epidemic, the difficulty of buying medicine and groceries has become a problem in people’s lives. In today’s mobile Internet era, the development of pharmacy applets to reasonably integrate offline drug resources can not only provide the public with a convenient platform for purchasing commonly used drugs, but also provide simple online consultation services. The editor will briefly introduce the advantages and solutions of pharmacy applet development. Advantages of developing pharmacy mini-programs: 1. Convenient medical services: Users can purchase…

  • Analysis of Common Problems in Mini Program Development

    More and more companies develop their own small programs and other mobile products, and small programs have also become a trend of mobile applications. So, What are the common problems in the development process of applets? Next, a brief introduction: 1. Configure domain name and certificate Many people use WeChat development tools when developing small programs. In the development environment, there is no need to deal with domain names and certificates. After the function development is complete and everything is normal, if you want to preview the mobile phone, release…

  • How to develop attendance WeChat applet

    With the rise of WeChat Mini Programs, more and more companies have begun to use WeChat Mini Programs for attendance management. The attendance WeChat applet can help employees easily complete operations such as clocking in, asking for leave, and working overtime. At the same time, it is also convenient for enterprise managers to monitor employee attendance information in real time and improve management efficiency. Next, this article will introduce the development process of the attendance WeChat applet in detail. 1. Requirements analysis Before developing the attendance WeChat applet, we need…

  • How to develop a WeChat public account applet

    WeChat official account applet is a lightweight application based on WeChat official account, which can be used directly in WeChat without downloading and installing. Small programs have the characteristics of complete functions, simple interface, fast response, etc., and are favored by more and more enterprises and individuals. Below, we will introduce in detail how to develop WeChat official account mini-programs. 1. Register a WeChat applet account First, we need to register a developer account. Open the WeChat public platform, click the “Mini Program” menu, enter the mini program development page,…

  • WeChat applet development

    WeChat applet development has now become a popular topic of discussion in the Internet circle. If enterprises and brands have not started to deploy WeChat mini-program business, there is a risk of falling behind. Small program development is one of the hottest programming languages ​​at present. It is easy to learn and applicable to various scenarios, making small programs the first choice of many programmers and developers. The basic process of applet development is:1. Design the functions of the applet, and determine the interface and functions of the applet;2. Use…