Shared store system-how to increase turnover to solve the problem of poor store business?

If you feel that the store’s business is getting harder and harder, you are under pressure, and there are even risks related to the store, then I suggest that you don’t just sit there and wait for death. You should take action to find out the reasons why the store is not doing well and come up with ideas. Corresponding solution.

Shared store system-how to increase turnover to solve the problem of poor store business?
Shared store system

Through our summary and analysis of the sharing model over the past few years, it is not impossible for you to double your performance. Let’s share it with you today:

We have a cooperative winery that recruited 100 shared shareholders in one year, and its sales exceeded 5 million shared shares. Shareholders do not need to bear any risks, and the shared shareholder dividend model does not involve any operating risks.

Shareholders do not need to be familiar with the cost of the product, nor do they need to understand the store’s water and electricity bills and other messy expense issues.

The traditional shareholder dividend model is based on year-end profits, but I believe it is very difficult to disclose financial information in this way. Shareholders do not have the energy to accompany you to play like this. Who knows whether you have made a profit or a loss? Who knows what your operating costs are?

Therefore, a good dividend model can be more conducive to the development of a good dividend mechanism to allow capable friends to join.

How to increase store turnover?

Making your store a shared store can immediately solve your current performance problems.

Nowadays, many bosses are doing very well, but their performance is not good. However, in order to improve their performance, the bosses also try their best to improve their performance. They use various reasons, various promotions, even price cuts, and even change the decoration style of the store, but they have not achieved the desired results. desired effect.

Where does the problem occur?

This is because bosses, you have not found the real core problem to solve. So what is the core problem?

You can imagine that if our store suddenly has 50 more resourceful people to help you attract customers, will your performance change a lot?


So where can we find 50 people with resources? Why are others willing to help you attract customers?

In fact, it is very simple. You only need to share your store employees, as well as all your current resources and surrounding facilities with these 50 people with resources, so that these people with resources can directly use your store to make their own products. Business, these people will be very happy to get partial dividends from the profits, which means that your store will have 50 people with resources to help you attract customers continuously, and your store will be saturated in an instant. This model is a win-win model, but many bosses have been waiting and watching and dare not put it into practice.

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