Community group buying APP development and solutions

At the Internet Conference, five new trends in my country’s future economy were proposed: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy. Among them, the new retail economy is currently developing relatively hotly. The development of community group buying APP can help companies better improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs, so it has also been sought after by many merchants and continues to improve and progress in social development.

Community group buying APP development and solutions
Community group buying APP

Community group buying APP development and solutions

1. Product management: The platform can manage products, put them on and off shelves, release products, classify products, set up detail pages, etc., and display specific information about products to consumers.

2. Merchants settle in: If someone has good products and wants to become a supplier of the platform, they can apply here. After the platform reviews, they can provide products to the platform offline or ship directly to the supplier’s backend.

3. Group leader management: The community group buying system must have a group leader center with functions such as distributing QR codes, viewing your own group members, order viewing, order management, and commission wallets.

4. Marketing function: The community group buying system also needs to have a variety of marketing functions to promote the community group buying platform, and conduct marketing through various tools such as group buying, full discount, coupons, points exchange, and distribution.

5. Management and distribution: Orders on the community group buying APP can be managed and shipped uniformly, and goods are distributed and stocked on a community basis, saving time and effort.

6. Online ordering: After selecting the goods, users can place orders directly online. The community group buying APP software supports a variety of online payment functions. Alipay, WeChat, and UnionPay cards can directly complete online payment.

7. Personal information: mainly my orders, including payment, goods to be received, and evaluation to be made, and my tools such as coupons, shipping address, customer service, and settings.

New retail is a data-driven pan-retail form centered on consumer experience. The development and application of community group buying APP is based on this development concept, which fundamentally releases the traditional labor force, liberates people’s hands, and improves the efficiency of all aspects. Work efficiency, truly people-oriented.

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