What issues should companies consider when developing games?

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

With the development of Internet technology and the widespread use of mobile phones and computers, the market size of the domestic gaming industry is also expanding year by year. The huge benefits have attracted a large number of companies to devote themselves to gaming. During development, I hope to one day develop a phenomenal game.

So far, the game industry has shown obvious stage characteristics, from “technology-led” to “planning-led”, from “planning-led” to today’s “channel is king”, a large number of small and medium-sized games Developers fell on this path forward.

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

And For game developers, many companies do not have enough strength to develop original games and can only change the hardware based on other games to make a game; and in the process of developing games, what should companies start from? Where to start?

1. The “gameiness” that exists in games

People in the game industry have their own understanding of the word gameness. Simply put, it is the playability of the game. , which can be reflected from the exquisite graphics, high-quality dubbing, highly flexible maps, and dazzling equipment system, and these methods are the key to attracting users to come and play.

As a game, you can use feelings and concepts to attract users, but feelings and concepts can be used occasionally. After all, users are not leeks that can be harvested at will. Too much, and users will lose confidence in you.

Therefore, for game developers, we cannot put the cart before the horse. The game’s graphics, dubbing, map and equipment system are at the beginning, and the feelings and concepts are at the end.

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

2 . How should the game project be positioned in the market?

Before a company develops a game, it needs to conduct market research to study which games on the market are popular among users. Then it can plagiarize the works on the ranking list, which is called “learning from”. Although this method has low market risk, if there is not enough innovation in content and gameplay, for users, it is better to play the original version.

You must know that game types can be borrowed, integrated and innovated to become our own games, but the positioning of the game must be clear. What are the key differences between our games and the games we borrow? Differences, what content do we need in these different places, and what is the target group of our game? Is it suitable for all ages, is it a children’s game or an adult game? What is the selling point of our game? Why do users choose to play our game? These are all things that a game developer needs to consider.

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

3 . How to choose during game development?

Whether it was before or now, game engine is a very professional field, and this link is also the key to the entire game development process. Once a problem occurs, the entire game will have problems.

Even so, many game engines developed by game companies do not have a complete framework. They are all temporary internal tools to solve problems that arise in the game. You must know that game companies need profits. Without support, the game company will even abandon the game without profit, let alone open source a self-developed engine.

For game engines, in the final analysis, they serve to develop games. Therefore, game developers should focus on the graphics, dubbing, maps and equipment systems of the game, rather than being so-called The engine is lagging behind.

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

4 . How to manage a game development team

Game development is a systematic project, and everyone needs to form their own team. However, if the team is not managed well, many problems will occur and even affect the development of the game. The development progress of the entire project has even caused the entire project to fall short.

If the game planner or programmer resigns during the development of a game, and if the game launch time is set and it is too late to recruit new people, the game launch time will be delayed again and again; If the launch time is not determined, after recruiting new people, they will have to analyze the entire game from beginning to end, which wastes a lot of time and causes the project cost to skyrocket.

What issues should companies consider when developing games?

For For game developers, it is enough to strictly follow the original plan. If there are any suggestions for modifications during the process, they should hold a meeting and communicate in time instead of taking advantage of the privilege to make a desperate move, which will only cause problems for the entire project.

So, whether you are a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, you must have a stable mentality and do not focus on marketing over development. Only by making games in a down-to-earth manner can the game be recognized by the market and users.

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