What are the development methods of mini programs?

Original title: What are the development methods of small programs?

Nowadays, WeChat mini programs have occupied an important position. Compared with APPs that occupy memory, mini programs are obviously more accepted by the public.

So do you know how mini programs are developed? Today, let’s talk to you about several methods of developing small programs!

What are the development methods of small programs?

1. Develop your own source code

Every enterprise has its own unique needs. In order to avoid similarities with other companies’ mini programs, many capable and confident enterprises will naturally choose to develop their own mini programs. In this way, your needs can be fully realized, and you can customize an IP-specific image with a three-dimensional corporate image, rich functions, and consistent user experience. Of course, this requires people on the team who know software programming, and the development investment will be relatively large and the cycle will be longer.

2. Template editing

This method is more convenient and cheap. You only need to purchase the mini program template directly and quickly edit it directly. This is a good choice for some small and medium-sized enterprises or merchants. When the materials are fully prepared and the project structure is clear, the editing and launch of a small program can be completed quickly. It’s quick and convenient, the investment is not that big, and it doesn’t require too many technical skills. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. This method is too template-based and routine, the matching degree of the template may not be high, and there may be a gap between the function of the component and the user’s expectation.

3. Purchase code

Nowadays, mini programs are developing very rapidly, and there are many well-known projects called unicorns. There are basically well-known benchmark cases in every industry. This is the source of the current ideas for mini program project development. For those who do not have the ability to develop independently, or who do not attach enough importance to small programs to develop independently, and do not want to template them, it is also a good choice to find a third-party code provider online to purchase code that meets the enterprise’s requirements. However, this kind of secondary development takes a long time and the cost will be slightly higher.

4. Outsourcing development

If a company is really too lazy to develop mini programs by itself, it might as well use a powerful third-party technology company to outsource the development of mini programs. In this way, you can meet your own needs without having to do it yourself, which is also a commonly used option today. Moreover, developing small programs through outsourcing companies is also a cost-effective way.

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