How to develop takeout mini-programs to improve profitability?

Nowadays, many merchants have developed takeout applets, such as some milk tea shops, hot pot restaurants and other catering and gourmet restaurants. If these applets are done well, they can not only help merchants increase their traffic, but also greatly increase their profits.

So how can the development of takeaway applets improve profitability?

Here, the editor will give you a simple analysis and summary based on previous customer cases. I hope it can help customers and friends in need. The content is for reference only.

How to develop takeout mini-programs to improve profitability?
Takeaway Mini Program

1. Improve through online and offline activities, such as issuing coupons through mini programs, and then allowing users to go to physical stores to use the coupons, or order takeout. You can also receive more takeaway coupons for limited time use when checking out in physical stores.

2. Use the distribution model to increase traffic. The distribution model is a model used by many merchants. It allows users to invite new users, and then invites people to get rewards. The more people you invite, the higher the rewards will be, but the distribution model must be Set the rules, otherwise it may backfire.

3. Daily special promotions, for example, merchants offer several products for special promotions every day. The prices are much lower than usual, but they can only be purchased once a day, and the quantity is limited until stocks last.

4. Limited-time sales activities are also when merchants set up several products in the background for limited-time sales. Each customer cannot purchase more than a certain amount (the quantity is set by the merchant in the background). Then when the time is up, they will switch to the next batch of products.

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