What are the differences between WeChat mini programs and Baidu mini programs?

WeChat Mini Program is an application based on the WeChat platform launched by Tencent in 2017. It is ready to use without downloading and installation. It has been favored by the majority of users as soon as it was launched. Later, Baidu launched Baidu Mini Program as a mini program with the same concept. The programs are based on different platforms, so what are the differences between them?

What are the differences between WeChat mini programs and Baidu mini programs?
Mini program

1. Platform dimension

WeChat mini programs rely on WeChat APP and have strong social system support, making them more friendly for sharing products and services that require high interactivity. Baidu Smart Mini Program relies on Baidu APP and is supported by a powerful Baidu search system. As long as you have high-quality content, you can get more exposure. Target customers can learn about you through the content, and precise customers can reach you directly by relying on keywords. small program.

2. Time dimension

The WeChat mini program was officially launched on January 9, 2017, and the Baidu smart mini program was officially launched on July 4, 2018. As the originator of mini programs, WeChat mini programs are a full year and a half ahead of Baidu smart mini programs. As a result, WeChat mini programs are ahead of Baidu smart mini programs in terms of awareness, recognition, popularity, stability and standardization.

3. Strategic dimension

With its opponents taking the lead and things developing well, Baidu not only faced the difficulties and launched its own mini program, but also placed it in a high strategic position. This shows that Baidu is not simply making a homogeneous product to seize the market, but has done sufficient market research and preparations and is determined to make differentiated mini programs.

4. Ecological dimension

Since its launch, the WeChat mini program has been closed within WeChat. If you want to enter the WeChat mini program, developers need to start from scratch according to WeChat’s development standards, and the developed program is only suitable for WeChat and needs to be redeveloped for other platforms. Baidu Smart Mini Program was fully open sourced in December 2018. Mini programs on other platforms can be migrated to Baidu Mini Program by simply modifying a few strings of code, eliminating the need for secondary development and achieving multi-platform operation through one development.

5. Traffic dimension

When Baidu Smart Mini Program was released, Baidu stated that it would provide developers with hundreds of billions of traffic support. As an Internet company that focuses on search business, Baidu has unique advantages in big data in addition to its platform search traffic advantages. , under the guidance of big data, developers can better position themselves in the market and analyze user preferences. WeChat’s search traffic is different from Baidu’s. WeChat has 1.1 billion users. WeChat mini programs rely on WeChat’s ecological traffic and have great traffic dividend advantages.

6. Cost dimension

In view of the differences in the development details of the two platforms and the individual needs of merchants, it is difficult to judge the development costs of the two, but we can take a look from the perspective of utilization. Although the WeChat mini program is a product of Tencent, it is closed within WeChat. The mini program can only be used through WeChat. It is not connected with other products of the company, nor does it cooperate with other external platforms and channels.

After reading this, everyone will have an understanding of the differences between WeChat mini programs and Baidu mini programs. Although these two tools are based on different platforms, their roles cannot be ignored. The emergence of mini programs has changed people’s After reading the traditional APP, I have a new understanding of the mobile Internet.

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