• Scan code ordering mini program design and development plan

    Design and development of dine-in scan code ordering mini program 1. Scan the QR code to order food During peak periods, customers can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the display stand at the entrance of the restaurant during the queuing period, enter the ordering applet, take the lead in viewing the menu, and order in advance, including hot-selling dishes, creative dishes, seasonal dishes, and preferential dishes. Everything is available, put the dishes you want in the shopping cart in advance, place an order with one…

  • Does Mini Program Development Need to Deliver Source Code?

    When many customers are doing small program software development, they only consider the early product effects of small program software development. In fact, the most important thing is that the source code of software development should also be delivered to customers. Whether different customers need the development source code in the later stage of development is different. Some customers need the source code for subsequent secondary development, and some customers need it as technical property rights, and can apply for software copyrights to protect their own rights and interests in…