What should be paid attention to when outsourcing the development of small programs?

A small program is an application that can be used without downloading and installing. It is also an innovation with a very high barrier to entry. It realizes the dream of an application “at your fingertips”. Users can open the application by scanning or searching, similar to on the browser’s functionality.

In today’s fierce competition in all walks of life, small programs are undoubtedly of great help to enterprises. Whether it is improving efficiency, improving brand awareness, or marketing effects, they are all very useful. Therefore, many companies and merchants want to develop their own small programs for customer acquisition, marketing promotion, and product sales.

What should be paid attention to when outsourcing the development of small programs?
Small program development

So, what should we pay attention to when choosing mini program outsourcing development? You can look at the following aspects:

1. Find a reliable company or team

Everyone must find more channels. Don’t make up your mind to find a team or a company easily. It is best to find some companies with technical genes, so that the quality of project development can be guaranteed. In addition, you must also Get in touch with similar companies to gain an in-depth understanding of some of the key points and difficulties of this project.

2. Sign a contract with legal effect

The contract is an important legal guarantee for cooperation. All details must be added to the contract. If there are conflicts in the later stage, the contract can also be used to speak, because the software development requirements themselves change rapidly, so some development companies Laziness can also occur.

3. Communicate needs in a timely manner

When there is a product demand, it must be displayed in the form of text and saved.

4. Require product development to provide relevant technical documentation

Before development, it is necessary to communicate with the technology, describe the technical architecture, let the technology provide certain technical documentation, and pay attention to the comments of the code logic, which will help a lot in the iterative update of subsequent product versions, and at the same time It can effectively reduce communication costs and greatly improve the quality of development.

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