What are the most common development methods for small program development?

Original title: What are the most common development methods for mini program development in Guangzhou?

As the use of mini programs becomes more and more widespread, many corporate merchants choose to develop a mini program. Each corporate merchant has different needs for mini programs.

Then the developed functions are also different, that is, they require different development methods. So what are the most common development methods for small program development?

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What are the most common development methods for small program development?

1. Develop source code yourself

This method is only suitable for technical personnel, which requires you to download WeChat official developer tools. After installation, create a new mini program project, fill in the AppID of your own mini program (if not, you must first register a WeChat mini program on the WeChat public platform), click “Create QuickStart Project”, and you can start making your own WeChat mini program. . If you have any questions you don’t understand, just follow the official text documents. This method is basically zero cost, but it is not suitable for novices who are not very technical, and it is a waste of time.

2. Third-party applet development tool template

The most common development method on the market today is suitable for novices who do not understand technology. After choosing a small program development platform, and then selecting the template you need, you can quickly generate a small program. Depending on the function of the template, the price is also different. The development cost of e-commerce small programs with more complex functions is usually about 10,000. , and some article reading applet templates with simple functions are free to use.

3. Self-built technical development team

This is a small program development method adopted by many large companies. The cost of this kind of development is much higher. After all, a development team probably needs product manager + UI design + front-end + development engineer + testing + operation + maintenance, etc. , the prices of these positions currently on the market also have different price ranges according to different regions. The specific costs need to be calculated based on the local area and the different salaries of each position. Therefore, this development method is more suitable for large Internet companies that focus on developing and operating their own products.

4. Looking for outsourcing team for customized development

If the company does not know much about technology, does not have its own development technical staff, and does not have much cost budget for team building, it may choose to find an Internet outsourcing team for customized development. Generally, customized small programs are developed by a professional outsourcing team. , the cost is between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the development cycle is generally several weeks to several months. It can satisfy enterprises that have higher requirements for small programs and require more complex functions. Of course, the more complex the demand, the higher the technical requirements for outsourcing team companies, the longer the development cycle, and the higher the price.

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