After the APP production is completed, how to test and accept the APP?

Now more and more companies are starting to make APP. When the APP is finished, how do we need to check and accept it?

It often happens that many problems are discovered only after the APP is launched or launched. What aspects of knowledge do you need to master for APP testing and acceptance? Next, discuss with everyone!

After the APP production is completed, how to test and accept the APP?
APP test acceptance

Functional testing

1. Test according to functional modules

According to the division of each major functional module designed, and then refine it level by level, covering as comprehensive a test point as possible for each function.

2. Test according to business process

APP business, such as consultation, payment, playback, query, download. Connect each function point in series to form a complete business process to check; the same business may have different paths to achieve, and each path needs to be covered and checked.

Other test points

1. Permission test

1) Unauthorized

Generally, when using some business functions, a reminder will pop up: first authorize and then operate the corresponding function. Or when submitting data to the background, it will also prompt to supplement relevant identity information to submit successfully.

2) Authorized

When a user accesses the APP, it means that his or her account can be obtained by the APP manager, and the user can automatically exercise business operation authority with the identity, such as payment, data query, etc.

3) After the same account number is authorized to log in to the same APP on different mobile phone WeChat terminals, the data and operation permissions that can be viewed should be synchronized and consistent.

2. Compatibility test

1) Mobile operating system

Conventional mobile phone terminals are: Android, IOS

2) System version

For APPs that have been launched, there may be conflicts in the component support of some APPs after the version upgrade. The APP page viewed on the mobile phone has an abnormal style, such as a black screen in a small number of areas. This situation needs to be synchronized in the APP. Some components in the package were modified and updated again.

3) Fonts, pictures, dynamic interactive effect fonts, etc.:

Labels, titles, content, dynamic playback fonts, etc.;

Pictures: carousel pictures, background pictures, cover pictures, interactive pictures generated by touch screen, etc.

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