What information is needed to create a mini program?

What information is needed to create a mini program

What information is needed to create a mini program?
Mini program development

1. Xiaocheng application and certification.

When an enterprise customizes a mini program, it needs to apply for the mini program on the WeChat public platform, fill in the basic information of the mini program, and bind the developer. The developer can develop the mini program in the WeChat mini program development tool. Mini programs can be developed without certification, but the certified mini program adds the WeChat payment function, and the number of developers that can be bound increases to 20. When an enterprise launches a formal mini program application, it must be certified first. This not only increases the functionality, but also facilitates customer identification, lowers the trust threshold, and facilitates mini program promotion.

2. Domain name and server.

Mini programs are similar to websites and require a domain name and server. When developing small programs, the server domain name needs to be configured, and the domain name must meet certain requirements.

3. HTTPS certificate.

Mini programs must use HTTPS/WSS to initiate network requests. When requesting, the system will verify the HTTPS certificate used by the server domain name. If the verification fails, the request cannot be successfully initiated and the applet cannot access the network.

4. Xiaocheng R&D.

After preparing the above work, you can proceed with the development of the mini program. Enterprises can develop by themselves, but they need to have their own development team. The team needs to include people with different roles such as technology, product, and UI.

5. Code review and release.

After the development of the mini program is completed, the code of the mini program needs to be submitted for review on the WeChat public platform. Only after passing the review can the code be released and the mini program go online.

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