Housekeeping applet production: What are the common functions of housekeeping applet development?

WeChat Housekeeping Mini Program Development and Design Plan

With the development of WeChat mini programs, various industries have begun to adopt the mini program+ model. The service items of WeChat mini programs in the housekeeping industry are also constantly expanding, including nannies, monthly Services include sister-in-law, cleaning, housekeeping company, lock opening and repair, moving company, occupancy application, etc.

A professional housekeeping applet production company, Lanchang Information Technology will talk to you: What are the common functions of housekeeping applet development?

Housekeeping applet production
Housekeeping applet production

Housekeeping staff management

Each housekeeping staff has different work assignments and different levels, so they must be clear about their respective responsibilities. Their work performance will usually be entered in the mini program, and you can judge whether the performance is good or bad. Explore here.

Housekeeping appointment management

Through the housekeeping applet, you can make reservations for various housekeeping services. You can make reservations according to your needs, such as cleaning, confinement care, etc. According to the agreed time, the staff will arrive at the customer’s designated location on time.

Member Management

Users who register for the Housekeeping Mini Program can enjoy more membership benefits, which can increase brand promotion efforts.

Navigation positioning

The housekeeping applet will automatically navigate according to the set area and accurately locate the destination so that housekeeping staff can quickly find the customer’s home.

Online payment

Customers can pay online after placing an order. The housekeeping applet supports a variety of payment methods to fully meet customer needs.

Housekeeping order tracking

In the mini program, both housekeeping staff and customers can see the order status, track it in real time, and also supervise the work of housekeeping staff. One-stop considerate service from pre-sales to after-sales.

Interactive evaluation of housekeeping services

Users can communicate and understand in real time when purchasing online. By retaining evaluation data, merchants can rely on consumers’ “sharing” attitude to explore users’ concerns and improve operations. model, precise marketing, improved user experience, and personalized and in-depth management of customers.

Message push

You can regularly push household knowledge, industry information, company activities, etc. to users in the mini program to increase user stickiness.

Diversified housekeeping operations

Build an online small shopping mall for cleaning tools. Consumers can browse the products in the store at any time, learn about promotions in a timely manner, meet the different needs of customers, and guide customers to consume. Complete resource flow conversion, and mini programs help merchants expand channels at low cost.

The rich material conditions provide conditions for the development of the housekeeping service industry. High market demand and a solid mass base are the driving forces for its long-term development, while the industry continues to refine. The points also make it more adaptable and have great development potential

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