Before customizing and developing WeChat mini programs, you must first read this

Nowadays, more and more people know about WeChat Mini Programs and actively join WeChat Mini Programs. If you want to customize and develop a WeChat applet, it is not too late to clarify the preliminary requirements before looking for a development company. We received many inquiries from customers who asked me how much it would cost to develop a small program?

How do we answer this?

Before customizing and developing WeChat mini programs, you must first read this
Mini program development

Mini program customization prices are determined based on the customer’s development needs. The more complex the needs, the higher the price. The simpler the needs, the lower the price. Some customers have already signed the contract and paid, but when discussing their needs, they are vague and unclear, and they have no idea of ​​the specific development direction. Without a clear purpose, it is difficult for us to develop directly, which will lead to project delays. The problem lies in demand! need! need!

Here comes the key point – what are the points to clarify the needs?

1. What kind of small program do you want to develop? You can first look for similar small programs, then collect them and send them directly to the development company so that they can use this as a reference.

2. What is the user base of your mini program after it is launched? Are you a student? Or an office worker? In other words, industry differentiation should be made, and which groups should be clearly defined.

3. What functions does the mini program need to implement? In other words, what can these people do with your mini program? You need to understand what functions your mini program can help users achieve.

4. The second thing is to budget for yourself. When is expected to go online? Plan these in advance as much as possible, and then do it according to your own budget, so that your plan will not be disrupted.

In fact, as a customer, you don’t have to do anything. You just need to clarify your development needs yourself. Register an account and we can help you register. You only need to provide the corresponding information. Okay, that’s all for now. I hope it can help friends who have custom development needs for small programs.

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