• Mini program development company: What are the functions of the food ordering service WeChat mini program?

    With the rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat mini programs for food ordering services have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives. These mini programs provide convenient and fast food ordering services, so that people no longer need to go to the store in person or call to make reservations, and can easily complete it through WeChat. So, what are the functions of the food ordering service WeChat applet? Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some common functions of WeChat mini programs for food…

  • What are the advantages of developing a mini program ordering system?

    For an enterprise, the most important thing is profit and development, and B2B can achieve the purpose of profit and development for the enterprise. Furthermore, the mini program ordering system software only plays an auxiliary role as an auxiliary tool. Enterprises use B2B The necessity of the ordering system is fundamentally why companies need small program ordering system software. 1. The e-commerce ordering website establishes business contacts with users. In addition to the basic functions, one of the most basic and important functions of the company’s small program ordering system…

  • Scan code ordering mini program design and development plan

    Design and development of dine-in scan code ordering mini program 1. Scan the QR code to order food During peak periods, customers can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code on the display stand at the entrance of the restaurant during the queuing period, enter the ordering applet, take the lead in viewing the menu, and order in advance, including hot-selling dishes, creative dishes, seasonal dishes, and preferential dishes. Everything is available, put the dishes you want in the shopping cart in advance, place an order with one…

  • What functions are required for the development of small ordering programs for catering companies?

    In recent years, with the repeated outbreaks of the epidemic, many catering companies have begun to order food online. The application of small ordering programs is indispensable for online ordering, whether it is a small ordering program for single or multiple stores, or a third-party ordering platform. , can provide online ordering service. So, judging from years of experience in small program development, what functions are needed for the development of small program for ordering food for catering companies? Next, let’s analyze together: 1. Online ordering and ordering Online ordering…