Why is it necessary to develop customized mini programs?

The emergence of mini programs has made the O20 development model popular in the market again, because the user stickiness of WeChat applications is strong, and the convenience of using WeChat mini programs opens up development advantages and can be developed in line with the O20 model. Introduce online traffic into offline entities and convert offline traffic into long-term online traffic, without being limited by time and online and offline space.

Why is it necessary to develop customized mini programs?
Customized applet development

Why is it necessary to develop customized mini programs?

1. The need to adapt to the development trend of the times

Offline was rediscovered through the 020 model, and online channels collided with new sparks. This is an obvious trend in the development of the current era. Various platforms and corporate merchants will think about how to open up a wider space for development, how to bring together the traffic of both online and offline scenarios into the same platform channel, and how to develop as corporate merchants. resources to promote the development of enterprises. The positioning of the mini program itself is consistent with the 020 development model. It is an important platform that currently conforms to the development trend of the times. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the development of mini programs to promote enterprise development.

2. The need to occupy the WeChat application market

The WeChat application platform has a very large user flow. It brings users together through social functions. At the same time, through the increase of content and services, it continuously cultivates the inertia of users to use this platform. Therefore, from the perspective of the development possibilities brought about by the acquisition of user traffic and user inertia, it is necessary for corporate merchants to customize and develop WeChat applets and even some other platforms to better occupy the WeChat market. of.

3. The popularity of mini programs has gradually formed user inertia

With the emergence of mini programs, the user experience was not very good at the beginning, and the limitations of the entrance also made it difficult for users to discover and understand mini programs.

With subsequent improvements and promotions, more and more users will pay attention to and choose to use mini programs, so usage inertia is gradually formed. Most businesses will also choose to develop a small program of their own to seek new development. However, when more and more small programs appear, homogeneity gradually increases, which will have a certain negative impact on the development of the platform. Customized development can eliminate this negative impact and use personalized platform display, operation and management to cultivate users’ inertia and help the development of the platform.

Therefore, from some perspectives, customized development of small programs is important and necessary for enterprises and merchants to lay out dual development scenarios. WeChat is a popular application today, and developing small programs in it can provide businesses with more development opportunities.

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