How can brands solve the problems they encounter when choosing influencer marketing?

How can brands solve the problems encountered when choosing influencer marketing?

With the development of the times, short videos have gradually occupied an important position in people’s daily lives. So far, the short video platform has enough capabilities to attract major companies to carry out brand development. The traffic pool of marketing has also made celebrity marketing on short video platforms gradually become a must-have for brand marketing.

However, not all companies can well and accurately find suitable experts to promote and market their brands/products. You must know that sometimes the effective results of 1+1 can not only Equal to 2, it can be greater than 2 or less than 2; for example, if your brand does brand marketing on Douyin and does not find a suitable expert to promote it, the final effect may be less than 2 or equal to 2, but It will never be greater than 2.

How does the brand solve the problems encountered when choosing influencer marketing?

For example, the main product of our company is cosmetics. When you are looking for a talent, you find someone who is naturally beautiful and charming. Will the cosmetics have any effect? Yes; is it big? Not big, many people will think that this is the beauty that comes with being an expert, and our cosmetics can only play a cosmetic role at most.

So, when various companies carry out brand marketing, they also encounter many problems when choosing talents. So what are the problems in talent marketing?

How does the brand solve the problems encountered when choosing influencer marketing?

1. The docking efficiency has become lower

In today’s era of popular self-media, more and more experts and KOLs have appeared on various platforms, from short video social software to knowledge sharing platforms. Or shopping software has a lot of experts. For example, the top experts on Douyin who have more than 10 million fans are particularly well-known. These kind of people are especially loved by advertisers. But as far as Douyin alone is concerned, there are dozens or millions of valuable influencers. Therefore, brands will spend a lot of time selecting suitable influencers. Moreover, since no suitable method has been found to solve this problem so far, problem, resulting in a relatively low efficiency in connecting brands and influencers.

How does the brand solve the problems encountered when choosing influencer marketing?

2. It is difficult to judge the value of an influencer

Nowadays, the marketing price of an influencer needs to be considered from many aspects, including the overall likes, comments, forwarding, etc. of the influencer’s participation in the account. To judge the marketing promotion price of an expert, however, if a brand wants to find an expert to cooperate on Douyin, it may have gone through more than N companies, and the brand does not know the price after adding several lots.

You must know that no matter when, the media can gradually become transparent, but data or prices will never be transparent in the industry. The data can be falsified, and the prices can also be increased at will, leaving the brand Spend more money without achieving the desired results.

How does the brand solve the problems encountered when choosing influencer marketing?

3. The purpose of brand’s influencer marketing is not strong

When brands carry out influencer marketing, they first need to clarify their goals, find brand exposure points, and enhance consumer awareness; Find suitable experts, focus on the characteristics and fields of your products, find experts who match your own brand/product labels, and let the experts influence users to achieve the final effect.

However, when companies identify talents, they also need to make personalized promotion plans for different talents; to put it simply, they are products suitable for men, such as razors and computers. For products in the field, the promotion expert should preferably be an expert in the data category; for products suitable for women, such as cosmetics, clothing, etc., the promotion expert should be an expert in the fashion category.

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