How traditional enterprises can flexibly use WeChat mini programs

The “online + offline” advantages presented by WeChat mini programs have a great impact on traditional enterprises or offline stores. If you are an offline traditional catering enterprise, it is time to develop an ordering system. Mini programs can effectively improve the efficiency of ordering. Users only need to scan the mini program code to place orders and pay online, and through the recommended content of the official account, users are attracted to come and make consumption again, so that online and offline The combination of it can easily bring a new development “opportunity” to traditional enterprises. So how is it applied to traditional enterprises?

How traditional enterprises can flexibly use WeChat mini programs
WeChat Mini Program

1. Different traditional industries need to conduct a precise positioning and market analysis, and develop small programs that meet the needs of current users to solve their own industries. For example, what problems do catering companies need to solve? Labor cost? Saving promotion? Or improve order conversion rate? Then it is necessary to add corresponding solution functions to the mini program: online ordering, online pickup, online reservation, etc. Then traditional enterprises can easily use mini programs to solve industry pain points.

2. The future business model is inseparable from the “fan economy”, so traditional companies also need to use the fan economy to bring profit points to themselves, and what does this have to do with mini programs? Because public accounts can jump to mini programs or videos, such “jumps” can be used as “tools” for traditional companies to build a fan economy, using novel content related to products to attract vertical fans and build their private domains. User accumulation as an operation.

3. Traditional enterprises also need to consider a key issue and determine whether it is suitable based on their actual situation. They do not develop just by following the public. The final result of blind development is inseparable from failure. Mini programs focus on private domains and some comparisons. Low-frequency service scenarios are not suitable for small programs if the functions are too complex or have a wide range of applications. For example, if you want to implement’s scenario services, it is indeed impossible to achieve it. Enterprises that have their own apps can completely combine the two to generate revenue for the enterprise. It does not mean that with a mini program, there is no need to operate an app. The jump and introduction of the combination of the two can bring more conversions. This is something companies need to consider.

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