Why do companies develop mini programs? What are the advantages of WeChat mini program development?

Why do some companies build mini programs?

WeChat Mini Program Development Since its emergence, more and more mini programs have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. Following Alipay’s involvement in mini programs, Baidu also stated that it would issue a mini program announcement to officially enter the field of mini programs. The development of mini programs can be said to be rapid and violent, and more and more individuals or companies are beginning to apply to join the ranks of mini programs. A small program that goes a long way. So why do companies need to make small programs?

Mini program development has brought vitality to the real economy and is also an opportunity for physical stores to transform into new retail models. If you didn’t catch WeChat public accounts when they became popular in the market, will you still let go of today’s mini programs?

1. Steal users


According to incomplete statistics, the current number of WeChat users has exceeded 1 billion. For small programs, relying on the powerful backend WeChat, there is room for them to shine. In this huge market, it shows that it directly seizes these customers. Therefore, what reasons do you have for not joining the ranks of mini programs? The opportunity is in front of you, and if you don’t seize it, it will naturally slip away. Only when there are users is there a market. If you have a market, are you afraid of not making a profit?

2. Combine online and offline to display corporate brand image and tap potential customers


If enterprises want to improve their competitiveness and brand influence, choosing mini programs is an effective and quick way. A well-made mini program can become a powerful business card for a company to the outside world, which is very beneficial to improving the corporate image.

3. Excellent user experience, ready to use


The biggest advantage of the mini program is that it does not require registration, downloading and installation, and there is no problem of occupying the memory of the mobile phone. It gives people a lighter feeling when using it. When using it, just click on it and leave immediately after use. The interface is simple and elegant, which is more attractive to customers. , quick to get started and clear at a glance.

4. Lower marketing and development costs


For start-up companies, mini programs have a short development cycle, low costs, and can reach 1 billion+ user resources, which is conducive to controlling the cost of customer acquisition. You can start testing with mini programs to obtain enough responses and user data, which can greatly reduce upfront cost investment

Mini programs can enjoy the marketing assistance brought by the platform. The WeChat ecosystem is about acquaintance socialization and acquaintance marketing. The novel “dynamic sharing cards” and “nearby mini programs” and other functions of mini programs have greatly reduced the marketing costs of enterprises. Especially for start-ups, mini programs are undoubtedly the most important part of the company. One of the best marketing methods in the early stages of preparation.

5. Exclusive customized development of mini programs


Mini program custom development has a variety of functions that can meet the needs of different enterprises, such as display type, shopping mall type, etc. Programs can all bring benefits to businesses. It can meet the requirements of enterprises for displaying products, selling products, and promoting brands. Moreover, the cost of mini programs is more affordable than other tools, and the production cycle is shorter. It is the best choice for the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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