What are the benefits of custom development of Douyin mini programs?

Original title: A brief analysis of several benefits of customized development of Douyin mini programs

In the era of mini programs, Douyin has also ushered in its own mini program, and it has also become a new target for corporate promotion and marketing. As a result, more and more companies are investing in the development of Douyin mini programs, and the development of Douyin mini programs There are no more than two methods, one is customized development, and the other is template development.

So why do most companies choose custom development? This has to mention the advantages of custom development. So what are the advantages of custom development of Douyin mini programs?

What are the benefits of custom development of Douyin mini programs?

What are the advantages of custom development of Douyin mini programs? We use template development as the object for comparison:

1. Douyin mini program template development

As the name suggests, Douyin mini program template development is to reuse already developed templates. Customers only need to modify the text information and pictures of the corresponding sections to quickly and directly generate a mini program. For enterprises that are in urgent need of mini programs and have simple functional requirements Generally speaking, template development is the most efficient.

So if there are any highlights in template development, then the development cost is its highlight~

Compared with custom development, its development costs are much less, but only relatively speaking, the price of template development generally ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand. After talking about its highlights, let’s take a look at its shortcomings: Because it is a fixed template, its functions are also greatly limited, and it cannot meet the personalized needs of enterprises, so the user’s service experience is relatively poor. At a disadvantage in user acquisition.

To sum up, its advantages and disadvantages are: short development cycle, low development cost, insufficient development functions, poor continuity, and single and repetitive interface design.

2. Customized development of Douyin mini program

Let’s talk about the customized development of Douyin mini program. To put it simply, recreating a new mini program is a process from scratch. Since it is created from scratch, it naturally takes much more time than the template.

It usually takes about 1-3 months to customize and develop a Douyin mini program. Of course, this time is not absolute and should be determined based on the actual functions. Speaking of functions, one of the highlights of custom development is the diversity of functions. The development company can carry out personalized development according to the needs of the enterprise.

Precisely because of their uniqueness and powerful functions, customized and developed mini programs can improve the user experience. In fact, the fundamental reason why companies choose custom development is not these, but its scalability. So what is scalability?

Because the source code of custom development belongs to the enterprise, it means that the enterprise has the autonomy of the website. So what is the use of source code? With the source code, you can make changes to the mini program at any time, and this change can also change with the development of the enterprise.

In general, the advantages and disadvantages of customized development of Douyin mini programs are: long development cycle, high cost, rich development functions, good user experience, easier customer acquisition, and large room for development.

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